Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Voices From We The People

1363. Christopher Divona

Follow the Rule of Law with the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme law of the land.

1353. Maureen Mellon

Free Ed and Elaine Brown, or show them the law!

1349. Adam Miller

Why? I don't understand. The 16th ammendment was never ratified. There is no law. Why are there those of you who persecute? Is it your salary? The prestige of your positions? Were the principles of right and wrong that you were taught as children diregarded as naive and archaic upon adulthood? What is it? Do the right thing.

1343. Mark Robison

Release Ed and Elaine and show us what actual LAW they have violated!

1322. Ronald D. Bain

Just because it would bring down the government as we know it is no excuse not to answer the question.

1316. P.Bloodsworth

Restore our faith in the legal system! Retrial!

90. Ron Goodger

What happened to the Browns is not the America that was given to us by those who secured our independence and framed our constitution. Where did it go?

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Editor's Note: Pray for Sherry Jackson. Pray for Ed and Elaine Brown. America and the world deserves an END to this madness and the court of public opinion will remain in session.



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