Wednesday, October 31, 2007

David-Hatch Bernier (Elaine's Son) Reports That Petition Site Was "Hacked"

We talked to David-Hatch Bernier for the first time today on the phone. He is very concerned about his mother and is very interested in doing whatever we can - in a positive way - to help expand the "court of public opinion" in support of the cause of freedom, liberty and justice in America.

While we were talking David explained how the email address he created to register for the petition has been hacked/deleted which means that he has no way of moderating/approving of the signatories. Apparently some individuals have been abusing the system to leave negative remarks against his mother and Ed, etc.

David is in the process of creating a new petition account and will be posting/sharing it soon. We will be advising that people sign the new petition because the old petition - see below - cannot post names and comments as the signatories remain "pending approval" because of this problem.
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