Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Comment From David Jahn ( About Sherry's Trial

I have received calls from folks that attended the trail. I'm led to believe there were fatal errors made by the defense. I'll wait until I hear from others before posting more on the case. This is very disappointing, and I'm sure devastating for Sherry. Once again the law wasn't on trial. I get the impression the government won once again by portraying Sherry as someone who just didn't want to pay her fair share of taxes. Juries continue to buy that crap.

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Blogger Scott Haley said...

Yes, well...

This is exactly why education at the LOCAL level is absolutely critical. Education not only about the misapplied individual income tax, but about the concept of "jury nullification" as well. [Described by our Founders as "the last defense against tyranny".]

Please see: ...
the left side of the page.

Want to do something to educate people? Here's something ANYONE can do (if you have a computer and printer):

Go to Dave Champion's website (see above), print out a bunch of flyers on the topic of the income tax, stand in front of the P.O. or the supermarket, or somewhere, and hand out the flyers. If you get through to only ONE person, chances are that person will educate another person, etc.

Here's another thing that can be done: on the sides of my white cargo van I have this message in black lettering---
"Fed Govt Wastes Billions Annually---Get Your Petition for Redress Here". I've handed out (by request) about 300 petitions so far. A person could have a message about the income tax, or anything, put on his/her vehicle...and a flyer to go along with it.

These methods may seem trivial, but they are at the local level...and we need that (in addition to websites, books, DVDs, etc.).

Just a couple of suggestions.

p.s. Everyone should talk up the concept of jury nullification with everyone you know. Judges will never tell juries about it.

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