Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Voices From We The People: "This is an outrage! "

1283. Beth Larson

It is absuolutely incredible that an illegal enterprise such as IRS should be able to prosecute these people who have done nothing wrong. answer them please and America will know truth.

1281. David Nicholson

I fought in Viet Nam for what? Stay the course!

1266. Raymond Ronald Karczewski

Wherein does integrity lie in a Government Court which will not answer questions of law?

1263. Miranda Bowen

This is an outrage! This just shows what this world is truly coming to...especially when it comes to our UNJUST government. If this is supposed to be a democracy and we are guaranteed rights, how can those rights be so unforgivably taken from us? This couple deserves to be freed and given back their home and assets and never have to pay the IRS again!! I truly cannot believe this story. It has made me sooo upset and I'm not even involved. My prayers are with the Brown's!

1242. Rick James

Our government is to serve us, the people, not the other way around. We the people have a Constitutional right to see the specific law. If the law cannot be produced, then the Brown's should be released and all assets returned to them. Failing to produce a law is a violation of their rights against false imprisonment.

1239. Jeff Turner

Settle this issue once and for all, show the law. These folks did not receive a fair trail and the public knows it.

1143. David Tasker

Why are you afraid of the truth. If there is a law, show it or stop illegal prosecutions period.

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Editor's Note: We are patiently awaiting for .gov to replace .com. Isn't it about time to end this madness?

Pray for Sherry Jackson. Pray for Ed and Elaine Brown. America and the world deserves an END to this madness and the court of public opinion will remain in session.



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