Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Letter From Elaine Brown

Dear Fred:

It was so good to hear from you, even though the news about Ed's mistreatment was so bad. I can't believe what they have done to him. Thank goodness Shaun has been able to get the word out. Ed and I have still not been able to write to each other. Special permission is needed to write to someone in another prison. My counselor emailed the paperwork over a week ago, but permission has not yet come through. He says they are being really slow. I guess we know why. I am really worried about him. I pray for his safety. And for Yahweh to open the hearts of the oppressors that they may come to the light.

I was also on solitude watch for the first day, but I was clothed in prison garb and was not mistreated. I am ok physically and spiritually and am accepting of my situation.

Remember what Ed and I did was and is for freedom and justice and for a return of the righteous Republic. We knew this would happen but our goals were more important than our own safety. Everyone must carry on the fight in our absence. And we pray the day will come when we can rejoin the fight.

Thank you for your money order, Fred. We cannot receive money ourselves. There is an address online to send money to our accounts. Here in Danbury we have to buy everything - soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, some clothing, etc. and it's all very expensive. It even costs $2 if we request a doctor's appointment.

Please feel free to broadcast anything I write you unless I state otherwise. Also, please stay in communication - it's the only way I know what's happening. Please thank John for keeping the show going and thanks to you and Tim also.

Yahweh's will be done.




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