Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ron Paul Set To Use Radio And TV Ads In Presidential Campaign Bigtime

By Joe Gandelman

If some “mainstream” Republicans in debates and on conservative websites have felt that Rep. Ron Paul is an unwelcome thorn in their side with his views that on many issues don’t skew towards the present GOP establishment, they will be displeased by the following news:

Ron Paul’s campaign is gearing up to be a notable and persistent presence on radio and TV in early primary states by boosting broadcast ads and its fund raising drive. Translate that into: if the ads boost his numbers, it’ll be harder to dismiss him as a voice, harder for him to be as marginalized by editors assigning busy reporters to a daily assignment must-do-list, and it could increase his appeal among young supporters:

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Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!! The genie of freedom is out of the bottle! Yikes!!

2:21 PM  

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