Friday, October 26, 2007

House Passes Bill To "Prevent Homegrown Terrorism"

The Bill is going to the Senate for consideration while our troops are deployed in the U.S. doing "Police Duties" expressly forbidden by the Constitution.

This could also set precedent to block internet sites.

Please call your Senators ASAP.

Click here to read the bill.



Blogger TruePatriot said...

Say hello to the GESTAPO USA...

10:44 AM  
Blogger YankeesPie said...

Heads Up People.... I don't have time to correct spelling and grammar, I stink at both!

This is it people ... We really need to move on this, call you're friends and neighbors have their Senators numbers in hand and encourage them to call!

Bill Riley hit the nail on the head; we need to work harder on reaching their hearts and mind, PUSH PUSH PUSH for Ron Paul!!!!

We best get working on backing up good audio archives, and put them onto DVD's...

We need to combine forces, YES there are hundreds of Fantastic Causes out there, but we are all scattered in all directions, this one calls for financial support, that one, etc. etc. I wish I had enough money to give to everyone but I have to live also! Ron Paul is our last hope; I believe getting him elected should be our first priority, Danny Riley, and Sherry. Impeachment of Bush and his buddies!

And NOOOOOO we can’t forget ED and Elaine! But at the moment this new ACT has to be crushed immediately!

I suggest starting to open you’re homes and start having Informational Get Togethers! We have to make it more interesting and entertaining to go out of their homes and learn. Instead of watching TV that just keeps us Dumbed Down Even more! Because if they stop us on the Net to get out the truth, we best be prepared for alternatives!

We need to complain louder to expose the Main Stream Media! Show the people how they neglect bringing us the NEWS that affects our lives! Just like in the debates, if it wasn’t for Ron Paul the things that matter wouldn’t even be addressed.

Ok I’m done with my RANT.. I’m just soooooo pisst! Ohhhh one more thing!

Tim you’re right we just don’t know how to go about using our powers in Government, I think it would behoove us, if you’d pick a day each week, and teach us! Its not our fault exactly that we’ve been dumbed down.

We need a place here for idea's on how we can acomplish all this. Put our heads together, dang it I know we can do this! If we all work together for one cause!


12:39 PM  
Blogger YankeesPie said...

NO COMMENTS ADDED???? I look over at "Report From Bob Schulz" and "there’s" 48 comments! You people wasted how much time and effort on sooltaug and trent.. ??? Are we that small minded that we want to argue with idiots? My dad use to say "I never argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience"! “The Powers That Be” sure did a great job at programming us; now didn’t they! They gave us SPORTS, GOSSIUP “Anna Nicole & Brittney Spear, and I can’t leave out stupid TV shows like Survivor and the such, all in a roost to keep us quelled and Dumbed Down! We need to break away folks from that mind set! It’s simple just turn off you’re TV’s and go out to the nearest gathering spot, street corner, local bar, Library, pizza house, Doctor’s waiting room, or grocery line and start talking about something more important than the weather! Again I ask, what ideas do you have on making a change? We need to start working effectively together. We need to find away to turn this Horse and Cart around!!!!! We need a leader in this peaceful revolution, if we are to have a snow ball chance in Heck of getting our Country back!!!!! Isn’t there one man or women willing to pick up the Flag of Liberty and lead?

I remember when they blind sided us with Imminent Domain, we found out about it at the last minute, and here it is today. And we did nothing!

Bush makes himself a Dictator, with the Patriots Act…. And WE do Nothing!

North American Union…… and STILL we do Nothing!

And now; this latest Act, their trying to sneak in! Are we again going to do nothing?

Watch this vid that Casey from Openyourmindseye.Com put up on his site…

The End of America by Naomi Wolf

10:36 AM  
Blogger YankeesPie said...

12:42 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

Hey ya Yankeespie~
I unabashadly concur with your plight! If I could push a magic button, which would summon all the citizens of this (once) great land to the DUTY of civil disobedience, I would push it until my finger bled!

1/2 the problem is that the sheople have become too complacent & lazy. They're so preocupied with "Reality TV" & their favourite sports teams! It's okay, people ARE waking up! There are many action groups springing up around the country...

12:48 PM  
Blogger David Christopher said...

No, "they" as in the American people are busy working 2 and three jobs to make ends meet plus taking care of their families and life in general.

Most are living paycheck to paycheck because they are rapped by tax after tax after tax and licence, fees, insurance, gas, skyrocketing food etc. etc.

They are dead tired and worked to the bone.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

To yankeespie:

I agree that we need to get organized. You may recall that several times I have indicated a dire need for a website dedicated solely to organizing, planning, discussing, & IMPLEMENTING coordinated civil disobedience. [That's not the purpose of this site.]

Here are a few of the problems, and reasons for little action on that front (above) so far.

1. Right now people are focused on Ron Paul. I've admired his beliefs for about 25-30 years, but unfortunately, he'll never get the nomination. Correction: he'll get it ONLY if the Corporatocracy thinks that would guarantee a landslide victory for their drone. Anyone who still thinks that the two-party corruption can be changed FROM WITHIN THAT SYSTEM is sadly mistaken. The Corporatocracy will not allow that to happen.

2. So, until the Repub nomination is over, people are too distracted to think about anything except Ron Paul. After a drone is nominated (instead of Paul), maybe, just maybe people will wake up.

3. Pressuring Congress rarely works, unless you're a BIG contributor to campaigns.

4. You mentioned "wasted" time on the Schulz comment. I agree to a certain degree. But consider this: no one here cares what squatsloose or bent thinks---their minds are made up. However, I suspect that lots of other uninformed folks (whose minds are not made up) visit this site. To let the drones' comments go unchallenged---especially when they're so blatantly false---is (in my opinion) a mistake...UP TO A POINT.

5. Too many people STILL think that the rotten, corrupt two-party monopoly can be changed for the better by working WITHIN that system. I look back over the last 50 years and wonder, "How can they still think that?". What is needed is a massive, planned & coordinated, peaceful, civil disobedience continuing effort. The elitist, two-party dictatorship must be brought down by boycotting it. That can be done only if we have a place (a website) to get organized. [I have the time to bring about a website, but no techno-talent and no money. It can't be done for free. In addition to set-up and maintenance, it would require a promotion/"advertising" effort.]

I've been in this political game since 1964. In my opinion, there is no hope of restoring the Republic by working within the two-party system. That system is too corrupt...and almost totally controlled by the Corporatocracy.

Perhaps after the nomination is sewn up by Rudy the G-Man, or some other Corporatocracy drone, people in the Liberty Movement will FINALLY realize that boycotting is our only reasonable option. If massive numbers of folks were to boycott/ostracize the two-party rule, then decent people with integrity would have a chance at getting elected AND being effective in making a difference vis-a-vis the restoration of the Republic.

I totally agree with you that each of us must make more of an effort to educate people---not just about the misapplied individual income tax (really a minor issue)---but rather about unalienable rights and Common Law. I assure you, I'm doing my best...have been since 1964---and not just here, and not just on the internet.

The tide IS turning. The last hurdle before effective action is to get folks to boycott the two-party monopoly. All those well-meaning politicians who tried to restore the Republic from within the two-party system failed...every one of them. It's too late for that kind of action.


4:34 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

I also agree with David Chistopher's comment, though it doesn't apply to me. [I'm not overworked, just old & decrepit.]


4:38 PM  

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