Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sherry Jackson Trial‏

We the People Shirts and Sherry Jackson Trial‏
From: WTPSoutheast@aol.com
Sent: Tue 10/23/07 11:11 AM
To: WTPSoutheast@aol.com

Hello members:

Regarding wearng the WTP shirts at the Sherry Jackson Trial:
Sherry and her attorneys have asked that we not wear them at the trial. They suggest that we dress in business attire and that we refrain from gasps, comments, or gestures during the trial. They feel this could hurt the case more than help. We can however wear them after the trial is over and interview Sherry after the trial. If you have video cameras do not take them to the courtroom, wait until after the days court events and interview others then. Sherry will not be able to talk about the trial until after it is over. Please watch the proceedings as we always do. Report any illegalities to Sherry's attorney in affidavit form. But above all, please be respectful. For those attending and those who want to attend, Sherry said "thank you for your love and support."

We have one member who would like to share a room and share a ride back to Tampa. He will fly in for the trial Monday morning and would love to ride back with someone. If you can do that, let me know and I will get you in touch. I can tell you he is a very nice guy, I have known him for years.


Also see


Sherry Jackson trial:
9:30 a.m.
Monday Oct. 29,2007
Courtroom 1908
U.S. Courthouse
75 Spring St.
S.W. Atlanta, Ga.

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Blogger David HB said...

I just want to follow up on Donna's request. I can't tell you all how much the actions of the courtroom audience can affect the trial. At Ed and Elaine's trial, some of their supporters got a bit carried away, and I could see a look on the jurors' faces to the effect of, "what a bunch of whackos." Incidentally, it was the only time those twelve sheep formed any exression other than dumbfoundedness, but that's not the point. To aid Sherry in her credibility, "we" need to look and act like "them." Like my mother and Ed, I'm sure Sherry will sincerely appreciate all the support, but in the courtroom, give them NOTHING to use against you.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Maid Marion of Sherwood Forest said...

Wise words David. I hope that people use discretion and decorum in Sherry Peel Jackson's case.

7:26 PM  
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