Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The people powering the Paul phenomenon

College students, old-line conservatives, anti-globalists back contender

Tom Curry / MSNBC.com

DES MOINES, Iowa - Four college pals, John Friendly, Jeff Shipley, Brad Jahner, and Daniel Krauss, got a chance to whoop, holler and raise the roof Saturday. The four boisterous Iowan guys cheered on their hero, Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, as he addressed a rally in Des Moines.

“I think he’s probably the only candidate who can make big enough changes in our government to save us from economic breakdown,” said Friendly after hearing Paul.

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Blogger Sooltauq said...

Ron Paul pays his taxes (and for those of you who falsely believe that it is only because he is now a government employee, he paid his taxes before he was elected too).

Not that he has the proverbial snowball's-chance-in-hell of being elected, the ravings of the wacko conspiracy crowd notwithstanding.


4:30 PM  

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