Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ron Paul Campaign Under Cyber Attack

The recently reported spam emails that are believed to originate from a botnet do the Ron Paul campaign direct harm not good.

by Michael McDonnough

There has been a recent flurry of news articles (click here and here and here and here) that have made the conjecture that the Ron Paul campaign or his supporters are in possession of a botnet and are using it to generate spam emails for the candidate. I have been in the business of computer technology for a long time and have good friends in the IT security business and we have discussed this at length. Cui-bono (who benefits)

I find it far more likely that this botnet spam attack is not the design of the Paul campaign or any of its supporters. It is far more likely that this is the release of a first round of direct cyber attack against the Ron Paul campaign. I base this opinion on the fact that the attack is becoming clearly targeted at the youtube videos of Ron Paul. Youtube links to his videos are beginning to be inserted into the the body of these spam message and as a direct result the video's are being pulled by youtube for violation of their terms of use policy. Read more.



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