Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ed Brown - Preliminary Order of Forfeiture

On February 28th, Judge Steven McAuliffe signed a "Preliminary Order of Forfeiture " granting the United States governments request to take properties belonging to Ed and Elaine Brown. The taking of these properties has nothing to do with the collection of a tax. The United States government wants these properties simply because they don't like the way the Ed and Elaine Brown paid their bills.



Blogger Sam said...

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Aaron Russo keeps talking about having our leaders sign an affidavit stating that they will vote to destroy the Federal Reserve. My question is has anyone seen this affidavit? Where can we download one to get this started? The sooner the better.

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Blogger TrueLogic said...

Screw them... Who cares... At Least Ed and Elaine PAY BILLS! The Government doesn't even pay their OWN BILLS! People like Ed and Elaine, and You and I do... We Pay the Government's debt, and the Fed's Debt as well... You'ld think they would understand by now that We are tired of it... And NOT RESPONSIBLE, for it.

Them taking the Brown's Property... You're damned right it has nothing to do with TAXES! It is outright THEFT! BY FORCE.

The Fed and the U.S. Government will continue to do everything in their Power, to make sure WE THE PEOPLE, Continue to pay THEIR BILLS, Debt and Interest!

After all... It's not WE THE PEOPLE racking up all this National Debt! It's the FED, and the U.S. Government. They Make the Decisions... They Spend the Money!

You, Me... All of us have made them so Filthy Stinking Rich, that We've lost the Control that was once Ours to begin with.

Stop Making them Rich! And do not GIVE AWAY, Your Property. No one can steal from us if We don't Let them. And no one can force us to Pay, If We don't Let them.

Here's a question:

If I used your Telephone to rack up a $3000.00 Phone Bill, Borrowed $3000.00 from your Mother... And Stole your Sister's House... Wouldn't you Take Legal Action against Me?

Of coarse you would! Now what makes the IRS any different? They have no more Power than You or I... In Fact... They have LESS!
And Legally Speaking... We Citizens have more Power as well. But the System is Corrupt... Twisted... Bought and Paid for, Lock Stock and Barrel... All with your Money!

That's right... They have been using your very own PAPER DOLLARS to CONTROLL YOU for over 80 years! Using your Very own Money to Pay for Judges, who are eager to Lock you away in order to more brightly line their own Pockets!

Wake up America! Stop the Criminals! Stop the theft! Stop the unlawful Prosecution of your Neighbor, and Fellow Citizen! Because you could be next! And it may not be a Tax issue at all! Just some other Citizen, Pointing a finger your way, And bearing False Witness... Simply to save himself.

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