Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Marcella Brooks will be the featured guest today on the Ed & Elaine Brown Hour, RBN Radio.

Even though the time has passed, you can listen to the show later on at once the recorded archive has been posted there.

Marcella Brooks Talk - Watch Google Video Here.

Marcella Brooks served as foreman of the jury in the trial of Whitey Harrell. Her account of the deliberations of this jury is both powerful and stirring due to the facts of the situation, combined with her tremendous personal credibility.

Personally, I find these fourteen minutes to be one of the most powerful accounts anyone could show to those who doubt the legitimacy of issues raised by the Tax Movement.

A complete copy of the June 29, 2000, Legality of Income Tax Conference video may be obtained at the We the People Foundation Web site,

Rose Lear


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