Monday, February 19, 2007

City of Keene Plans Robbery Demonstration

By Kat Kanning

The Keene City Council has demonstrated perfectly how government is violence and force and cannot be anything but violence and force. After failing to get former Senator Thomas Eaton to voluntarily sell his land on Marlboro Street for the proposed roundabout, city officials are now resorting to the use of force to wrest the property from Mr. Eaton. They are proposing to use eminent domain to take the property, whether Mr. Eaton wants this or not, giving him "fair market value" for the property. But there is no fair market value for an item that you do not want to sell. If someone takes your new baby by force and hands you "fair market value" for the child, are you getting a good deal? A fair exchange can only happen when BOTH parties are willing to do the exchange. Eminent domain is robbery, pure and simple. Eminent domain uses tax money, taken from people by force, to do its stealing, so it is stealing two times over.

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