Monday, February 19, 2007

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kosmic said...

Ed needs to take a more active roll in his own situation. He needs to be his own spokesperson. I agree he should be blogging more. There is no excuse, Plenty of help out here for him and we all want to do what we can. Some of us have other committments to work around and are in alot more trouble than he is. Some of us are working for only 20% of our pay because of our own situations. I for one will not give in to the Tax hungry IRS or the worthless congress we keep electing. I am always looking for updates and I'm not talking about another supporter, I'm talking about Ed and what he is talking about because thats what we are here for right now. When all we see is arguing and misinformation it pushes people away. It's time to pressure the government now that they are in election mode again. NH is the place to be this month. Lets use that to our advantage.


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