Monday, February 19, 2007

QFFT Blog Briefing Update

Just wanted to thank Dave Ridley for sharing his latest audioblog! He shared some great points which we will paraphrase and comment on as follows:

1) Dave: Fred, please apologize to Ed. Fred: Ed and I spoke last Friday and again last evening. We're back on track. The RBN radio show will be up again today from 2-3 pm Eastern time. Ed asked about the "numerology" and "Ed Brown Chicago Bear" football posts. We replied that they were shared with a mind to lighten things up a bit. The truth isn't about throwing crap around at each other. Sometimes it's as simple as listening/sharing beautiful music. We must keep that perspective of "The Secret" using the "Law of Attraction" as we move forward.

2) Dave: is not happy with the decision to only allow "registered bloggers" to make comments. Fred: Well, I think it's time to clean up the comments section of this blog. I, too, appreciate the colors and shapes that Graffitti artists can turn into "art", but I would much rather have their "art" shared in the light of day so that they can at least get credit for what they're sharing - ie. give them a public space where they can express themselves openly in a positive manner and watch what happens.
Pehaps all the Ed Brown antagonists/haters can jointly register over at and get more bang for their time and effort. We can set up a blogging account - - and freely give out the username and passcode so that all the haters of Ed and Elaine can "come together" and unify behind a common blog brand. Just some thoughts.....

3) Dave: please learn how to pronounce the cities in NH. Fred: Thanks Dave! We'll begin practicing right now! Cncord, Berln, Nashua. You place the emphasis the first syllable and let the last sound slip off the tongue quickly. I/we will try our best to reform and adhere to using these local sounds.

4) Dave: Please announce the rally/gathering we are going to have tomorrow - coming soon!



BTW, if anyone would like to learn more about 89, Leo (356) and how "The Lion" will continue to roar with greater intensity you can always contact me/us. Cheers!

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