Monday, February 19, 2007

Hang Together or Hang Separately - David Ridley

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Blogger Rose Lear said...

This challenge is to anyone who is willing to come forward and answer this question. Invite
Congressman, Senators, Judge, IRS agents, DOJ, media. Anyone who feels qualified to answer this one question.

Ed and Elaine Brown, and every American would like to have clarity on how exactly the 16th Amendment to the Constitution implies taxes upon every "person" when Article 1 Clause 8 clearly states that no direct tax can be imposed without apportionment. This really troubles me to believe that the 16th Amendment overturned a direct Constitutional limitation upon the Congress. In other words how can Congress pass a law, the 16th Amendment, in direct violation to Congress' limitations imposed by Article 1 Clause 8 under capitation and direct taxes?

Did the 16th Amendment overturn the capitation and direct tax limitations imposed by the Constitution?

9:39 AM  
Blogger kosmic said...

Ed needs to take a more active roll in his own situation. He needs to be his own spokesperson. I agree he should be blogging more. There is no excuse, Plenty of help out here for him and we all want to do what we can. Some of us have other committments to work around and are in alot more trouble than he is. Some of us are working for only 20% of our pay because of our own situations. I for one will not give in to the Tax hungry IRS or the worthless congress we keep electing. I am always looking for updates and I'm not talking about another supporter, I'm talking about Ed and what he is talking about because thats what we are here for right now. When all we see is arguing and misinformation it pushes people away. It's time to pressure the government now that they are in election mode again. NH is the place to be this month. Lets use that to our advantage.

9:55 AM  

Thanks Rose!

9:56 AM  
Blogger kosmic said...

I have been looking online for tax related documents after 2004 when
Bob Schulz was looking for congressional records in washington. I find all kinds of references to documents but never run across any actual texts. If anyone has access to a paper library or knows where to find
any of these it could help clear up some of the debates that went on after 1913.

11.43 Additional information about efforts in 1908 to regulate the
appointment of pharmacists in the Public Health and Marine Hospital
Service (60A-D7) is found in the bill files. Also included are records concerning efforts in 1918 to determine money due the Government from the States (65A-D5); and attempts in 1924 to determine Government indebtedness and to review income tax returns of Harry F. Sinclair and other associates of his oil company (68A-D9). There are also records relating to hearings held in 1916 to determine how effectively income taxes were being collected (64A-D5).

Found at

10:18 AM  
Blogger jean allen said...

Dave, how can you continue to argue that this is not about "Show us the law"? Did you watch Aaron Russo's film? Ed is not doing this because he's a grouchy old man who's expressing himself.
He will PAY if the law is shown. If you saw the Russo film, you saw that Whitey Harrell said exactly the same thing, "I'll pay if you show me the law." No law was provided (because there WAS NO LAW...if there was, the fedgoons would provide it!!! And Ed would not be "in the stairwell" waiting for "the secret police."
It IS about "Show me the law". Go back and watch the Russo film. You seem like a good man..the rallies you are holding shows you put your words into action. have to understand that this is all about "Show me the Law." That's what makes Ed so credible.

Jean Allen
Tuscaloosa, Al.

12:38 PM  

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