Friday, November 02, 2007

Nostradamus, Anti-Christs and the Rush to the Apocalypse

Szandor Blestman
November 1, 2007


"So, many people believe that the year 2012 will bring about apocalyptic events. They live in fear (or perhaps in anticipation) of these events. Why is it that more people don't take a different point of view? Why is it that more of us can't believe that by the year 2012 the world will be at peace, that the fighting will have ceased, that conflict between people will be resolved in a more civil manner, and that we will all treat each other fairly and with kindness and respect? Perhaps Nostradamus' third anti-Christ has already come and gone and we missed it. Perhaps it is now up to us to begin the era of peace that is to follow. Perhaps if we stopped believing the Earth can only support so many of us and we started helping each other we would find that we can all live in harmony in this world. Perhaps if we all started believing wondrous times await us in the future and stopped believing the apocalypse is inevitable, perhaps then we would turn a corner. There's really only one way to find out."

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