Monday, October 01, 2007

Paul Backers "Paint The Town Ron": WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU!!

What is the National "Paint the Town Ron" Event?

On the weekend of September the 29th Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Groups from around the country are going to saturate their towns, counties and cities with Ron Paul banners and signs. We will make videos of the event and post them to youtube. This is one step in the fight against the Main Stream Media's blackout of Ron Paul. We hope not only to make local news for our groups, but possibly to make national news as well.

Click here for more details about this initiative. Here's an article about one of the cities involved in this event:

posted October 1, 2007

Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul say they brought their "shock and awe" sign campaign to Chattanooga Cleveland area roads over the weekend.

Lauren Walker of the Paul campaign said, "You have probably noticed “Ron Paul Revolution” and “Ron Paul 2008” signs and banners everywhere.

"In the wee hours of the night and early morning on Friday and Saturday, bands of Ron Paul supporters were roving the streets of Hamilton County hanging banners and signs in a concerted effort to let people know about their candidate, Ron Paul.

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