Monday, October 01, 2007

Nancy Grant of Florida Pro Se Bar and Attorney Montgomery Sibley On RBN With Ed and Elaine This AM

Nancy grant was convicted by the Florida State Courts for "practicing law without a license" in mid-September. We had Nancy on our show twice earlier this year - click here and here. Montgomery Sibley is an Attorney & Counselor at Law admitted to practice law in Florida, New York and the District of Columbia. Nancy represents J.A.I.L. - Judicial Accountability Initiative Law - in Florida. She has been helping prisoners in Florida file administrative papers to invoke and protect their due process rights that are supposed to be protected by our servant government under our state and Federal Constitutions.

For more details about Nancy's trail go to this link.



Blogger Trent said...

Wow......Ed Brown is insane....he just keeps ranting, he needs medication badly.

1:46 PM  

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