Saturday, September 29, 2007

Comment About Ron Paul

Anyone see the PBS All American forum last night? Guess those wacko 3% of the country somehow "spammed in" all that applause, cheering, and chanting his name at the end of the forum? lol, If anyone heard the crowd last night they know what Im talking about...its getting to the point where huge unpaid crowds are cheering for this man everywhere he goes and after everything he says, but the MSM still keeps its blinders on and insists "these people dont exist." This WILL be a revolution, in my opinion, in that I honestly see (with as little bias as I can muster) Paul doing VERY well in the primaries if not winning...and the media having to eat their words- well, they kind of already have to. Provided that happens, Hillary or Obama will have a serious challenge on their hands instead of a pro-war punching bag, and if you ask me, he could very possibly beat either one of them in a GE. RON PAUL UPSET 2008!

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