Friday, September 28, 2007

detenition hearings for Cirino Gonzalez

so Jose seeing his son reno demonized dehumanized and his words disfigured twisted and deformed by the US Marshall, and knowing that he wanted to protect his eldest son while wishing that he could be tried here in Texas, and a bond setted, he seen that they were going to ship him off to NH to be tried. Jose being a loving and supportive father made a bold move, he STOOD UP AND SPOKE OUT, the marshalls didnt appreciate him interuppting their wrongful condemnation of a man, at first when he stood he tried to be civil and excused him self to make the statement when they all stood up to silence him, he sat down, and we looked looked each other in the eye and i said to him just say it, you made that step im right here with you, so he stood right back up and BLURTED IT OUT, upsetted the courtroom and he was aksed to leave when they were going to get touchy feely with Mr. Gonzales, his younger son took him and told the officers hes got it and told me to come along, refusing to do so i watched the few last moments when Reno looked at me to see what was going on and was taken from the room when i asked the Marshalls there the same ones mind you that beatened Reno while in handcuffs, is this thing over yet?



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