Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Wife Faces Homeland Security

Part 1: Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12

“Yeah, that's it. Just relax.
Have another drink, few more pretzels, little more MSG.
Turn on those Dallas Cowboys on your TV.
Lock your doors. Close your mind.
It's time for the two-minute warning.

Welcome to 1984
Are you ready for the third world war?!?
You too will meet the secret police
They'll draft you and they'll jail your niece”

--Dead Kennedys, "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

Have you been PERSONALLY affected by the Bush Administration’s erosion of our Constitutional Rights? Well, now my family is coming face to face with a direct assault on the Bill of Rights, an assault on my wife’s rights. This assault comes directly from Bush with no input from Congress whatsoever.

Homeland Security Presidential Directive Number 12

This Presidential Directive is all about choice, or so they say. One of those twisted, Orwellian “choices” that isn’t a choice. My wife’s choice is she can either sign over to the Federal Government the right to investigate every aspect of her life (including fingerprinting, credit check, medical records, character references, etc.) or she can “voluntarily” choose to not be allowed entry into the building wherein she works. The choice is hers. The rights that are being lost are those of every single American citizen.

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Blogger YankeesPie said...

Well well..... I'd tell them Hell NOOOOOO! Take my job and Shove It! If you don't want honest, productive citizens... fine... Show me the Welfare Line! Or.. Oh oh am disabled where's my S.S. check! We can't conform to this BS any more! We aren't the so called Terrorist! Why are we being treated like we are? Why are Mexicans free to roam our Country, with more rights than we have! This is just plain Craziness people!

4:51 PM  

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