Friday, September 28, 2007

Ron Paul Front Page Boston Globe Story 9/27/07

This is a FRONT PAGE story (though it is below the fold) in [yesterday's] Boston Globe - circulation ~ 450,000 - written by Lisa Wangsness. It is a great story, and also mentions me and the Daily Paul! But what is really great is that it accurately depicts what is going on. Boston is a very liberal town - and the article showcases how many people - and especially Democrats and former Democrats - support Ron Paul simply because we're tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils." Great story. Thank you Lisa!

Read it here: Ron Paul in the Boston Globe - Paul's Their All

You may have to sign in to get to the story (I did) - it only takes a second - two short screens of data to fill out. So hit the story - forward it around - they're tracking this, no doubt. And the Globe is owned by the NY Times - if they see some positive feedback, maybe the Times will pick the story up, or run its own.

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