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Audio Moblog With Nancy Grant In Florida

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Blogger TrueLogic said...

Thank you Nancy...

I feel that I must re-Post some of my previous posts. I hope this does not upset the Author of the Blogsite. Please inform me if it does. Thank you for your time.

Here are some of my Previous Posts. If you work for the Government, or any State in the Union... Please Read them and enjoy:

In case You've forgotten... This is not Just about Ed and Elaine Brown! It's about Your Children and Mine, Growing up and becomming a Slave as we have been, only with a microchip inside them to prevent any escape from it.

The reason only 6-12 People have shown up, is because they're all scared, Blackmailed by the Government, or Work for the Govt. Which one are You? If you're not going to be part of the solution, then that makes you part of the problem. And it matters not when in someone’s life they choose to do research on tax laws and the Constitution. The bottom line is this... They Chose to research and learn this simple fact: American Citizens who only derive income from within the U.S. are not now, and never have been Taxable by way of income Tax.

Our State Government is supposed to aid We The People in bringing The FEDERAL GOVT. to justice. The Federal Govt. derives all of it's Power from the Constitution of the United States, and From We the People. When the Fed tries to usurp our Rights and Liberties... When the FED Abuses it’s Power, or Claims ANY Authority not Granted by The Constitution, Our State Government and Federal Judges are supposed to help We The People to Set them straight... (By granting DUE PROCESS, and By (Allowing ALL the statutes to be read in light of the Constitution!) You...(being angry with Ed Brown) Are Acting just like the Federal Govt... Vindictive and Destructive of this Man's Rights under the Constitution, and Vindictive of Other's (Aaron Russo) Who share the Same Feelings as ED BROWN About illegal Taxes imposed on Americans. If You cannot see this... Then you know nothing of the Constitution, and are as ignorant as the Lawmakers who Continue to allow the Abuse of the Constitution by the Federal Government and the IRS. And since You’ve Basically now Become a two faced, Crooked, Govt. Supporter, Nothing you say in Defence of “We The People” will be heard or listened to by “WE THE PEOPLE” And, since You supposedly started out speaking FOR “We The People”,
The Government won’t trust you either. You My Homely Friend… Simply do not know what you Believe in.

Let's Face a simple Fact here... 1913 was not that long ago People... But it's just long enough for the Federal Government to have almost completely burried the truth! My point is this... Your Grandmother's Grandmother NEVER had to pay an Income Tax!!! So why the hell are we paying it now? I give to You: "Theft by Deception" "The Law that Never Was" "America, Freedom to Fascism" And finally... People who care about the Truth not only for themselves, But for you and yours... ie. (ED BROWN). So if you are so torn as to your own beliefs, The go join the masses of scared little sheep that the Federal Government has corralled in this Great Country, and Live under their shadow forever, Believing the GREAT LIE.

Check out a google video called "Theft by Deception"
And watch the whole thing!

This is the only Tax Law Video the FEDERAL GOVT. is afraid of today. It is the only one which actually has the Potential to Take Down the Federal Reserve. If you want to become a Truely Informed Citizen, you must not only watch Aaron Russo's "AFTF", but You must also consider the undeniable truth of "Theft by Deception" as well ad Bill Benson's "The Law that Never was"

Only after alot of carefull Research, can We Prove Ourselves and bring the Truth of the Constitution to Light once again... and even then, We must carefully choose an appropriate means of Presenting our evidence to the People of this Great Nation.

In reviewing the Brown's Case, I have discovered a few of Eds Motions that the Presiding Judge was in fact, obligated to Grant... If you Research the NH STATE CONSTITUTION, then review Ed Brown's Case, You will see this to be Evident.

Of coarse I do Believe in a Fair Trial, And no... I do not think the Brown's recieved a Fair Trial. Hell... You couldn't call it anything more than a complete defiling of the Constitution.

In these Cases, the law is clear... Under 1.61-1... Every Statute has to be read! The Judge Absolutely denied this to the Brown's and in fact... Railroaded them! Let's not forget here... That our State Government is supposed to Protect it's People from Federal Govt. Harrassment or injustice.

I would submit to you all, the possibility that this Judge was Elected by You, to Protect Your Const. Rights and Liberties, Yet Paid off by the Federal Govt. or the IRS itself, to not allow the Evidence submitted by the Browns.

If I was this Judge now... I would tread very lighty around Topics of Tax Law vs. Constitional Law... And I certainly would be Living within Library of Congress, READING THE REAL LAW... Because if they DID... I have no doubt that the Browns would have Justice.


Anyone who wishes to debate this with me should visit the Library of Congress, and watch "Theft by Deception" before mailing me.

Besides... I cannot Convince you! Educate Yourself! And instead of trying to Convince Others, Just encourage them to do the same.

I Do not However, recommend Throwing yourself Head First into the Big Toe of the Federal Government.

NH does not have a Regulated Militia, as it should. Our Constitutional Rights to form a Militia were Adopted into the Constitution for this very Reason. For times when Not only the Federal, But the STATE GOVERNMENT denies us the right to Submit Evidence on our Behalf. Our Right to form a WELL REGULATED MILITIA was Bestowed upon the People as our "DUTY" to put Corrupt forms of Government out of Power.

I Believe however, that what Ed needs most is a good Speaker on his behalf...A better Video/Storyline Editor, and a few Amateur Radio enthusiasts to help spread the word. You can be sure Ed's Case is being Contained Locally by the Govt. and Mainstream Media....

If you really want to help Ed and Elaine Brown... Leave all the talk of Guns and Gas Masks out when considering how to Help in their Defence.

Consider for a moment... What will help them more?... 20 Men Armed with Weapons? 50 Men? or perhapse, the same amount of Men Armed with only the Constitution of the U.S., the "Theft by Deception" Video, and a shit load of Cameras and Radio Equiptment?

C'mon People... This is an age of Information and Technology... An age where Slow Scan Television and Radio waves can expidite Information faster than by any other means! Any Amateur Radio Tech, General or Extra class Licensee Should help this man.

The FCC does not Prohibit discussions of Politics, Religion or Economics, as long as you Operate within their Guidelines, your Equiptment and Logs are kept in accordance with their Rules, and You are not simply “Broadcasting”. Open Discussion on these Topics IS ALLOWED. This of coarse includes following all regulations regarding MPE (Max. Permissable Exposure) of RF Energy.

Joey Smith said...
When anybody who matters believes that, be sure to let me know.

Well Joey... It's Only the People who DO Believe that... Who DO Matter... And those who have yet to discover the Truth... Also matter...

You simply Cannot Fight for a Mere Fraction of your Rights, And still call yourself a Patriot. You Cannot Believe in only Half of the Constitution, and Ignore the Rest of it.
To do this is to Act like the Judge in Ed's Case, or a Corrupt IRS Pocket Commission Agent.

They love to recieve The Constitutional Benefits of their Office, they use the Constitution when it Suits their Own Agenda, and they Destroy, write-around, ignore and/or Deny the Constitution Wherever and Whenever it is applied to Protect and Help the People.

You have revealed yourself to think, act and Respond... Just like them. Thank you for this insight as to your Beliefs and Character...

God Bless you for your Response to My Post, Even if it was the very Weak, Non-Substantial response I would fully expect from somewhere within the Ranks of your (suspected and probable) IRS Peers.

Hell Joey... You simply might have said my Post was "FRIVILOUS".

::TrueLogic Can't contain the Laughter::

I Believe there are more People in this Country who Follow My Line of thinking... And I think People who Believe as You do, are Few and Scattered… Yet, like WE THE PEOPLE… Are mustering in a final Attempt to regain Control of what is surely slipping out of your (Federal) Hands. .. And Back into Ours... THE HANDS OF WE THE PEOPLE.

There are more People FOR ED… Than AGAINST HIM. It shows right here on this site. There are More TrueLogics in the World then there are Joey Smiths.

Hopefully, all the Joey Smiths of the World will Find that True Logic... Is Common Sense.

GO Ed! You and Elaine are the SPEARHEAD OF TRUTH!

I am Glad to see Posts on this site from Aaron Russo, Joe Banister, Rose Larkin, and other such Powerful Believers in the TRUTH.

I would like to thank you all, and Ed and Elaine... By letting you all know that "Your Message is being heard" by Many.

Great Interview! Do More... Do as Many as You can!

It seems to Me all the EVIDENCE... Is Mounting in favor of Ed and Elaine... Not Against Them.

The Truth is spreading... Fear is being replaced by TRUTH, Which in turn Gives Hope to the People once again. HOPE and TRUTH together will form a Solidarity Amongst the People... And the People will Hold their Government Accountable... And (WTP) will Hold Them to their Oaths of Office...

Better than an Interview... How about the TRIAL OF THE CENTURY?

I Think Ed Should Invite Aaron Russo, Joe Banister, Bill Benson, Rose Larkin, Miss Jackson, a Judge, Jury, Transcriptionist, and various News/Media Agencies and HAMS...

Along with...


Right to His House for the CRIMINAL TRIAL of:

We the People and Ed and Elaine Brown vs. Judge McAuliffe and the I.R.S.

Any Action by the Court at this point, other than a complete Dismissal Against Ed and Elaine, should be viewed as Un Lawful... With the exception of a Re-Trial, in which Ed & Elaine get to Present their Evidence, and to Address the Violations of their Constitutional Rights DURING the FIRST TRIAL!


Can Ed File Criminal Charges Against the Judge? Certainly it can be Possible, if there is PROOF of Criminal Activity? Is there? Our very Dear Constitution gives us the means to find out! Screw the Appeal... You cannot hope to Appeal an Illegal/Unwarranted/Utterly Fictitious Conviction! A Conviction that was UNSUPPORTED BY ANY FACTS AGAINST THEM! AND A CONVICTION THAT WAS NOT… I SAY NOT… DECIDED BY A JURY!

I think they should file their own Suit! And I think the Jurors should also Question the Judge’s Instructions, and retract their FINDINGS in the Brown Case on Grounds of Coersion.

Not all Judges are Bad... Some are Respectfull, and Believe in the Constitution.

Some However, along with IRS Employees, and People Like JOEY... Think they have the Power to walk around and Randomly point out INNOCENT Citizens, Label Them, Persecute Them, Try, Convict, Sentence, and Theive from Them... Without DUE PROCESS, or PROSECUTION BY A JURY... In essence... Without a Trial at all.


If Every One of Us could walk around... Point a finger at our Neighbors... And Charge, Try and Convict Them... Without Providing a Jury with Evidence to Prove Our Neighbor Even Committed a Crime... And without ever even showing up to Court!... What Kind of Country Would We Live In!

I'll Tell You... We'd Live in a Country with very Few Local Neighbors, and if Lucky, Corrupt or Blind, You and your Neighbors will all own a portion of what You Inherited from those You've Jailed... Or will be Jailed yourselves. When all the "CROOKED FINGER POINTING" is done... What you have left is a Few POWERFUL PEOPLE, Controling a POWERFUL ARMY, And an Enslaved Nation.

Take a look around at your Neighbors folks... Who I ask... Might be Pointing their Crooked finger at you.

If You’re the average American Citizen…. And not the Judge, Irs Agent, or Congressmen… I can tell you Exactly where the Perverbial Finger Points. It Points to WE THE PEOPLE, Like we’re witches to be Burned at the stake.

Now… If you Present the Constitution, and the Written Law, into the Face of the Average American Citizen, the Judge, and the IRS… The Straight Finger of Justice Points Directly at them, and to their Lies, and to their theft of YOUR Labor.

We all like to Believe in the System... We all want to be able to have Confidence in our own Judicial System, and the Judges who Preside over Matters that affect us all.

Just Like these Judges and Agents of the Law... Ed and Elaine Brown are Fine People JOEY... Upstanding American Citizens, who have Contributed to Society all their Lives. Just like You and I.

I do not Condone anything Illegal. I don't guess You do either Joey... But nor do I believe that the Browns are Criminals in any way, or otherwise, any threat to Me, You, Themselves, or the State of NH.

They did not have their Employees file w4 forms as an employment requirement. which, if their Employees are US CITIZENS with no additional FOREIGN "source" of income... Is Legal the way I Understand it.

Most people are not required to fill out a form w4 as I understand the law, nor must I provide a Social Security Number as a prerequisite to Employment unless, obviously, seeking Federal Employment.

I offer no Legal advice to anyone, and only speak my Opinion mostly, Unless I can actually Cite a Law, or show a link, or some proof of what I say.

Clearly this Case was NOT TRIED according to our very own LAWS JOEY.

[Art.] 30. [Freedom of Speech.] The freedom of deliberation, speech, and debate, in either house of the legislature, is so essential to the rights of the people, that it cannot be the foundation of any action, complaint, or prosecution, in any other court or place whatsoever.

so... In My Own Defense joey... If anything I said here could affect ED and ELAINES Sentence at all...

I could only Hope that It would have a Positive Effect.

I have no Ill will toward Judge Mcauliffe, only a sense of betrayal to his Office. And I see this as only correctable through a Judge other than Judge McAuliffe at this time.

My Question to you is:

Do the Browns have a right to a fair Trial in Concord NH?

Or are we all just damned at the point of a finger Joey?

And you know what... Ed could do a hell of alot worse than to have a Retrial right in his Livingroom!

One more thing Joey... If Judge McAuliffe was found Guilty of Criminal activity,knowingly disreguarding the Constitution, or Abusing The Brown's Rights... He would be FOUND GUILTY BY A JURY OF HIS PEERS, Just like the rest of us. Only the Jury would be INSTRUCTED PROPERLY.

Joey… Was that supposed to be an argument or something? Joey is entitled Joey's opinion... and to share it with the rest of us... But like anyones opinion, it should be formed from, and based upon facts.

Noone Likes Joey, because He Denies the Facts that People put right in front of His Face, and He Denies the Laws as they are written TODAY... let alone the Laws as they were written 80 Years ago. (Sound Like a certain Judge in the Brown Case?)

The reason Joey gets Dumped on all the time, is because He has nothing Factual to back His arguments or opinions. His entire argument, and His opinions themselves, are based only upon IRS Disinformation... Because that's all Joeys Intelectual Diet consists of.

My Own God should be thinking about their Own Personal Rights, and the Rights of their Children, instead of comming to the Intellectual Defense of a BrainWashed and Corrupt Mental Midget.

The reason Joey's Brain is so Soft everyone, is Because

Joey's Hand is always Communicating with His Dick, thus, leaving his Brain unused for anything other than to Pass Flatulent Gas...

If He's stroke His Brain instead of His Monkey, He might be able to form a reasonable and Logical Conclusion based on the FACTS and the LAWS as they are Written in Todays Statutes regarding Income Tax.

Keep telling YOUR OWN STORY... To YOUR OWN HAND Joey.

Not everyone who KNOWS THE TRUTH Joey, can all Flock to Ed's House. Are you going to pay my Expenses Joey... You Going to watch My Son while I'm at Ed's House? Didn't think so Joey... I can support Ed and Elaine from wherever I happen to be.

Joey Smith said...

Good article on Ron Paul! Even he won't go near Ed and Elaine Brown's case.

Where's the love?


Here's some Love for ya...

Joey wouldn't go near ANYONE'S Case, if it involved fighting for a Single Constitutional Right!!! Except to Prod at them from behind a Curtain, with a 10 foot Pole made up of unsubstantiated Evidence against them.

Hey Richard Mann... You're absolutelt right!!! This is NOT a puppet Nation!!! So I just want to know one thing:

Who the hell is pulling your strings Puss Nuts?!

You are the Leader of ALL THE CHICKEN PATRIOTS in this Nation! You certainly speak for ALL OF THEM at least. You follow Treason and Disinformation around like Dogs follow their own... Sniffing at the Ass of Corruption in order to find your Allies among the Pack. Those Allies being the Larger Dogs in the Pack who Promise not to rip out your throat, as long as you stay in line.

Think about the Beliefs of the Majority of Our Fellow CountryMen. And remember in the Future Mr. Mann... Why No One Likes You, or Trusts You. It will surely be because of Your Betrayal of WE THE PEOPLE. When the Sysyem sucks You Down Mr. Mann... When Government strips You of all the Constitutional Rights YOU claim to posess... Do Not Expect WE THE PEOPLE, to Defend YOU.

Thanks for your opinions Mr. Mann... But Unfactual opinion, and loose allegations are all you have to go on. oh Yeah? Why aren't All the Brown's Court Documents shown on your Site? oh... Well why then, are they not Linked? Don't want to look any worse than you've already made yourself look? Well don't worry... Not much chance of that happening.

There's nothing left for Joey to do except to Become Further Enslaved in Lies and Treachery, or to Believe in the Constitution and let it set Him Free.

People just like Ed and Elaine Brown Laid their Lives down long ago, in order to make the Constitution a Reality for YOU and ME.
Ed Brown is willing to Lay down his Life at this very moment, to ensure that We and Our Children, can continue to Live by the Constitution, and Prevent the Destruction of this Nations very Foundation.
There is only one Definition of a PATRIOT in my Book. "Any individual who is willing to lay down their Life in order to Preserve the Constitution of the United States of America in its entire, original, un-corrupted Language...
In other Words, to Die in order to Uphold the Constitution itself... Not the Internal Revenue Code!

A True Patriot's DUTY... Is to Uphold the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES...

Screw the Internal Revenue Code! I would not lay down My Life Defending such Slavery and Oppression. I would not DIE for the IRS or the IRC. I would not Die Defending an Organization of Thugs who steal from the People in the very NAME, of the Constitution… I will not stand and Defend those who steal Property from, and arrest decent Law Abiding Citizens without DUE PROCESS.

I would however, Lay down my Life Defending the Constitution Against it!

All you Joey Smiths out there, couldn't even carry a TRUE PATRIOT'S lunchbox!

TAX EVASION IS AGAINST THE LAW! And mostly happens when you have very large Corporations, who make FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INCOME... And want to Hide Some or all of their GAINS.
Possibly you have a Foreigner, or Even a U.S. Citizen, WITHIN THE U.S., MAKING FOREIGN INCOME, and they want to hide Certain GAINS from some of that FOREIGN and/or DOMESTIC Income they've acrued as PROPHET...


On the other Hand... And according to everything I have REASEARCHED in order to LEARN...
You have the Average American Citizen, Whos INCOME AND WAGES, are DERIVED SOLELY from within the U.S.



Great Interview Bernie! We need alot more good interviews like these, and alot more with Ed and Elaine also.

I would Give my left Nut to Interview Ed and Elaine Brown, along with Larkin Rose and Aaron Russo, and a few Others during a single session. (3 hrs Min.)

Aaron, Larkin and Ed, I'm sure, could get a few Professionals in the Accounting, Law and Educational Fields to Interview as well... Not to mention Quite a few average, credable everyday Citizens who would Love to Pose a Question or speak their Minds.

(Personally I'd love to see Ed Brown or Aaron Russo put the Facts to someone like Joey) Just to witness the possibility that they might actually discover the Truth.

I am not a Reporter, Officer, Agent or Official of any Kind. Just a Simple, Average, Broke American Citizen, Who’s slowly Being Constitutionally Abused, Alienated, and Neglected like the rest of WE THE PEOPLE.

If I had Ed and Elaine's Invite, I'd grab My Woman, Make the Trip, and Pay my Respects.

If I had a Camera Like I used to, The offset Freq's to a few Local Repeaters, (easy to get through ARRL) and the People Whom I've Mentioned above, We'd make a Documentary together that would net more Viewers in a single year, than the last 20 Box Office Hits!

What Aaron Russo and Larkin Rose are doing, is exactly what needs to be done in this Country. Only it needs to be done MORE OFTEN! BY MORE PEOPLE! REPEATED BY THE SAME PEOPLE (Sequels)! And the People doing these kinds of things need to ALL COME TOGETHER FOR ONE GREAT INTERVIEW! Ed and Elaine’s Situation Provides a Great opportunity. It is the Perfect time and setting, to Arrange an Interview that Could have THE MOST POSITIVE IMPACT EVER, toward the Goal You’ve all been Working so hard to achieve. WHICH IS TO BRING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, THE IRS, AND OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM, BACK IN LINE WITH THE CONSTITUTION.

Think of it this way...

Bill Benson puts out a book...

Rose Larkin Makes a Documentary...

Aaron Russo Makes a Documentary...

A Sweet Woman Juror Speaks out about a Tax Case She Helped to Win...

Joe Banister, and other former IRS Employees Speak out...

Ed and Elaine Brown stand for the Rights of Themselves and their Employees, and are Convicted of Crimes, and Denied Due Process under Law… Jury is Subjected to Cohersion by the Presiding Judge and Prosecution, Giving the Brown’s full Right, Within the Constitution, to Deny the Judge’s Authority, and seek a Complete Mis-Trial, or Dismissal with Predjudice.

Now the good part…

All the above People and more show up at Ed’s Home for a new Documentary, and Collaborate, to make Theft by Deception, AFTF and The Law That Never Was, even more Memorable through this newly formed Collaboration, and all of Your efforts towards the Product of it’s outcome

I would like to start seeing Posts from Officials on this Blog. I am starting to believe that NO OFFICIAL, has the Nerve to speak on this Blog. And I'm beginning to Believe that there were, they would most likely Hide their True Identities.

I say: Let's hear from some officials!

Start being the LOUD MINORITY, instead of the SILENT MAJORITY, within what you all believe to be "YOUR" Constitutional Safe Haven.

Because what You are in, Is your own, self-imposed Constitutional Prison... And You know it. So Start being a Patriot to Your CountryMen, if you don't believe that Are... And start taking some Risks if you have to... To Uphold that which you Swore to Uphold.

Especially if you are a State Rep. or a CongressMan or CongressWoman. It is You who have the Power, and the Obligation, to Impeach, Repeal, Annul, overturn, Dismiss, pass, Deny, Vote or whatever it is within your Powere to do.

Remember this also, Leaders of OUR Country...

You were not Born with the Power you Have, and you will not always have the Power you now Posess...

The Only thing you or I were Born with, Is Our Citizenship, and our Constitutional RIGHTS as Citizens of the United States of America! It is Unwise for You to Tread on Either.

The Following is in Response to an Awsome Post from Kosmic.

The War is already IN our Back Yard My Patriotic Fellow... And Our Front Yard... And on Every Block in this Nation from Coast to Coast.

WE THE PEOPLE, Know the Brutal Truth of the TREASON being purpetrated against us! And of the War being Waged Against us!

Bush has already said that WE THE PEOPLE, are the ENEMY COMBATANTS in this War. Bush Himself has called our Constitution, Our very Rights...
"Nothing but a God-Damned Piece of Paper"!

If that doesn't Make us Angry! Then We are NOT PATRIOTS!

If those Words... Flying from the Filthy Mouth, of President George W Bush, do not flash immages of Him being Sentenced for Crimes against this Country through Our Vivid Minds... Then We are NOT PATRIOTS!

If We all turn a Blind Eye to the Crimes Committed by George Bush Against the Constitution and the Poeple of the United States... Then We ARE NOT PATRIOTS!

Bush's Defense Against the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE:

Under the Military Commissions Act, Bush has Stated, that;

any of WE THE PEOPLE who try to Bring TREASON charges against Him, or any Member of Congress, Shall be Declared Enemy Combatants!

This Proves beyond ANY DOUBT... That the President of the Unites States of America, and all of Congress... ARE TREASONOUS! and ARE CORRUPT... and ARE NOT... FOR UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION, OR THE RIGHTS OF ANY MAN WOMAN OR CHILD OF THIS NATION!

Yes... I submit that the WAR has indeed, already Spread to Our Back Yards. and I Myself would Classify NYC... as the FRONT YARD of the USA!

I would like to submit the Following to NAMELESS...

I don't believe that most of us Condone Violence. I know I don't.

But when things like this happen, it is not only our Constitutional Right... But Our Duty, to Change the Leaders of our Government. If taking up Arms against them is the only means left by which to accomplish this, then it must be done.

When the Courts fail us, or deny us a defense, they have asked for just such action to be taken!

When Judges in their own words, say;

"I will not allow the LAW in MY Courtroom!"


"I will not allow the Constitution in My Courtroom!"

Then it is up to WE THE PEOPLE, to let that Judge know, it is OUR COURTROOM! NOT HIS!

It is up to WE THE PEOPLE, to Dis-BAR that son of a Bitch... WITH PREDUDICE! And to Charge that Particular Judge with CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.
I will always see the U.S. as MY Country... The Pledge I have made so many times in the past to this Country, was and is... A Pledge to the People, Not to the Government. And the only War I will Ever Fight, is the WAR TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My Pledge however... Will Always remain TRUE TO THE PEOPLE, if not to the Government.

If Our Government Would fight the FED, Uphold the Constitution, and once again work FOR the People... I would surely then, be on the side of Government. Until then... I will always be One with THE PEOPLE.

The PLEDGE ITSELF... IS... To Uphold the Constitution of the United States, and to defend it against Enemies both Foreign, and Domestic.
I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America...
And to the R E P U B L I C... For which it stands...One NATION... Under God... INDIVISABLE, With LIBERTY... And JUSTICE... For ALL!

The Key Words here, are:



The Real ID Act is a Form of Terrorism in itself, and is no more than a Tool to Enslave WE THE PEOPLE.

Everyone who accepts this chip, or "ID" should remember one thing.

Once you accept it... There is absolutely NO turning Back! You will be OWNED... in the full sense of the Word, By the Federal Government. They will then be able to Dictate your entire Life to you, and Dispose of you Whenever they see fit! (If you don't agree with their ways, or if you resist in any way.)

You think you Freedoms are Dwindling away now? Take the REAL ID, and watch them Disappear completely!

"Phillip Morris Supports Ed and Elaine Brown!"
Sure they do... You know how much Phillip Morris Pays in Taxes!?
But... Phillip Morris Shouldn't be complaining to much... Not only do they get Rich on other Peoples Slow Deaths... But they make Huge Earnings from Foreign Countries, as well as their Domestic U.S. Sales. Therefore, according to LAW... A Large Portion of their CORPORATE GAINS/PROFITS are Taxable.
I cannot say Strongly enough, how much Larkin Rose's Documentary, and Aaron Russo's Movie Compliment each other.
It's totally Amazing to Me... and utterly disgusting... That today’s Media Agencies don't have these Videos Propagating over the AirWaves for All to See.
I Guess once the Word AGENCY Started applying to the Media... That was when they were officially GAGGED.
The People in this Country whose STRINGS are being PULLED... Are becoming easier to single out every Day. The Officials, the Judges, the Corporations whose STRINGS are being PULLED... Are becoming easier to spot... Every Day.
It is because they are becoming more Pompas, arrogant, and abusive by the Days.
They are also Less caring of how much they flaunt their power in our faces, because they know they are untouchable.
They are so in Control Now... That Judges have been Quoted saying such things as "I will not allow the Law in my Court Room!" or "I will not allow the Constitution, in my Court Room!"
Our President is So in Control of Congress, That He has said "The Constitution is nothing but a G-d D----D Piece of Paper!"
He has FLIPPED THE BIRD... to the AMERICAN PEOPLE on Camera!
And when Judges and Presidents say things like this!... My friends, My People and My Fellow Patriot Citizens...
...It is time to let them know that it is NOT THEIR COURTROOM! BUT THE COURT OF THE PEOPLE!
To Bush Flipping us the Bird, I say this...
It's time for Americans to Let Bush, and all Corrupt Politicians or Judges know that We will no Longer be F¤cked... And that it is We The People, who are saying... f¤ck You!

We need Judges who are Behind the People, Behind the Bench.

Any Judge who would allow the Jury to be Manipulated, and any Judge who would allow the Un-Lawful Federal Prosecution by means of such Manipulation or otherwise... Is a Traitor to the People, to the Constitution, and to the Flag... As well as to all Those who have Died Defending them.

Any Judge who would allow this should be immediately Dis-BARRED, and Indicted for Crimes against all of the above Mentioned.

Any Judge who would allow the Federal Government and the IRS to put themselves Above the Authority of his/Our Court, Mock the LAW in his/Our Court, and Manipulate the entire Proceeding of a fair and Just Trial in his or Our Court...

Then He is either Corrupt, or He is the Weakest, Most Spineless of Court Officials.

The Judges very Duty is to prevent federal authorities, and Agencies such as the IRS from Abusing Citizen's Constitutional Rights... Not to help them unlawfully Convict us.
And the Judges Duty is to Ensure that the Jury DOES GET TO SEE, all the facts presented by both the Prosecution, and the Defense... and that the Prosecution and the Defense Swap Evidence as well.

These facts would include All past applicable Case Law, any previous Superior Court Rulings, The Internal Revenue Code itself... and Lastly, but most importantly... ALL STATUTES AND REGULATIONS FROM WHICH THE (IRC) DERIVES ALL IT"S LEGAL POWER AND AUTHORITY.

The Truth about the Un-justified, Un-Constitutional, Un-Lawfull and Un-American Persecution of Ed and Elaine Brown is one of the Clearest, most Profound, and easy to see Truth's about America Today.

Thank you.

About the Builderburgers, Bush, Skull and Bones, IRS, DOJ, FEDERAL RESERVE, JUDGE MCAULIFFE, etc. etc. ...

And all the allegations about them on the web...

Isn't it funny, how you Don't see any of them, Defending themselves against the allegations being made against them World Wide on the Web! Let's take a Rule they love to apply to US... And apply it to THEM:

(Their own NON-DEFENSE and or Silence, against OUR allegations... Makes them guilty.)

The IRS Doesn't Defend Themselves in Court... They throw DUKEY in the faces of the Defendants, and Blindfold the Jury... Right after Silencing the Judge.

Wait... Do I have it backwards? It could be they 1st Secure a Corrupt Judge of their Choice, and put Him behind the Bench... Then they throw the Dukey and the Blindfolds around!

In any event... NO JUDGE TODAY, will allow any TAX LAWS, to be used as a DEFENSE, by the ACCUSED.
Unless of Coarse they BELIEVE, in the Constitution, and are willing to UPHOLD IT.


They will not LOOK AT the LAW, or ALLOW the LAW... Because they already KNOW, that it DOES NOT Obligate most Citizens in this Country, to pay an INCOME TAX. They in fact, know that LAW PROHIBITS IT!

The mere AGENCY... Known as the IRS... Combined with the Treasury and the DOJ, Is more Powerful than our own damned Judges, legislatures, Congressmen, Senators and President.

And it's because We've allowed it! We've Elected Them! And We've turned our backs on such Crimes as the Assasination of JFK, The Burrial of EXECUTIVE ORDER #11110 with Him, and the Continuation of the Federal Reserve, Which led us to this in the first place.

But... They are NOT MORE POWERFUL, then ALL... of WE THE PEOPLE.


...If He doesn't turn His Back on US.

To our President, the FED and all Corrupt People or Agencies... and to our Own Blogging Joey... I have this to say:

You offend US with Your Corruption, Slavery and Lies.

WE Stand by the old addage that "THE BEST DEFENSE IS A STRONG OFFENSE". Well Guess What? OUR Defense against Your Lies, is the TRUTH. And in case you haven't Learned yet... You are Going to find out that the Very hardest thing to Defend against... IS THE TRUTH!

It has always been, and always will be... More Powerful than any Lie.

The TRUTH, about Your LIES, is now well known by the People... Yet You persist on Lying, and simply Continue to make Yourselves look bad.
People no longer Believe our Government for this reason... and for this reason... There will come a time of Uprising.

It's comparable to a Parent who lies to their Children regularly. The Children stop believing in their Parents, and they Rebel.

Hey FED... Get used to the idea... Because you are losing all support of the People You claim to Justly Lead.

Noone believes anything you tell them.

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Blogger Anonymous said...

I would like to add that the system is set up against us. The court rooms are small, the government is only open during limited work hours when the slaves are at work and the only evidence we see is what they want us to see or what slips though. We need evidence, Witnesses and testimony. We need to document every bit of transgression and start taking back our rights one at a time. Clearly the system does not work in the light.

3:28 PM  

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