Monday, October 01, 2007

New Hamphsire Media Censorship Against Ron Paul

WMUR NH TV to Ron Paul: Drop Dead?

New Hampshire's state-wide WMUR 9 TV station apparently declined to cover Ron Paul, even though his well-attended 'Family Day' rally took place near its Manchester headquarters.

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No Ron Paul, but WMUR-TV Cover McCain Without Single Backer in Sight?

Presidential candidate Ron Paul held a Family Walk in New Hampshire joined by hundreds of supporters over the weekend. It wasn't covered by WMUR state-wide TV, even though the station covered GOP candidate John McCain.

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WMUR 9 TV Said Defend Against Bias in Ron Paul Coverage

With the ‘Net alternative press and Ron Paul supporters in full cry over the station's lack of coverage, the staff of WMUR 9 TV has taken to sending out email releases defending itself.

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Editor's Note: covered this story as follows:From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli
Even a half hour after Ron Paul's "Revolution" rally ended in downtown Manchester, there was a crowd larger than other candidates could only hope to draw. The campaign estimated that as many as 800 people showed up as the Texas congressman kicked off a canvassing effort in New Hampshire's three largest cities.

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