Monday, June 18, 2007

Free Ed and Elaine Brown!

Every now and again, I hear people being interviewed who believe federal income taxes are constitutionally invalid, and, as a result, they refuse to pay them. My first thought is usually "have fun in prison," but recent statements and proposals from some of our politicians have led me to believe that this is a cause worth fighting for.

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Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Great humor!

But, AGAIN...

This could be ended peacefully if the Govt representatives would do ONE SIMPLE THING--

Just show Ed & Elaine (and all of us) specifically where in USC Title 26---NOT in CFR Title 26, which was written by the IRS, and is a regulation, not a statute---the average American INDIVIDUAL is liable for a tax on his/her income.

That's ALL the Govt has to do...why won't they? [Could it be because the cited law IS Constitutional precisely because nowhere does it levy such a tax?]

Come on, Govt...pony up. Just show me the LAW (not the regulation).

2:59 AM  

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