Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ed & Elaine Supporters vs. Police State, alert #1

Dear Ed and Elaine Brown Supporters,

I am sending this alert out because I've learned of some very disturbing news! It appears as though at least two supports of Ed and Elaine Brown have been arrested (or "detained" as the "authorities" like to say) to date. There may be more!

One of the supporters is Danny Riley -- this incident is well-known and well-documented on the Internet. You can learn about it by visiting and watching the latest videos on the left. Danny Riley tells the whole story in his own words. He has told this story many times, at different places, and his story has never changed. We have no reason to believe ANYTHING he says is no false.

I have just received an email that ANOTHER supporter has been arrested (or "detained"). I am waiting to get more information on this! I do not want to release the name until I have permission from the victim. I had been speaking with the victim on the phone a number of times and then lost contact mysteriously. I then received an email that was allegedly from a close acquaintance of the victim. This fits perfectly with the fact that I lost contact with and have not yet been able to reestablish contact with the victim. I believe we have YET ANOTHER arrest on our hands!

Why is this a big deal? The "authorities," -- most likely feds working with state and perhaps local "authorities" -- have victimized supporters of Ed and Elaine for no reason! There is no law applicable in these cases. They are ARRESTING people for no reason, other than that they are supporting Ed and Elaine. We can presume that they are doing this in order to scare the rest of us into submission (everyday government work). Why would they pull a person over in a car for no reason? How did they know this guy was a supporter? Have they been listening in on our phone conversations? I bet that is the case! Here you can see our "government" using the "authority" it recently granted itself with the pretext of TERRORISM! I'm sure that a guy in a jeep with some candles is really a terrorist.

This is what we've been saying since day one, people. We have been telling you that the government would use terror attacks as a pretext for TOTAL CONTROL. The "War on Terrorism" is really the "War of Terrorism," and we are the victims! Now we can't even talk on the phone without worrying about feds listening and sending commands to their state and local minions with badges. We now face false arrest and imprisonment for exercising rights such as FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF TRAVEL, FREEDOM OF PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY!!! What will we do? That is the question we face now, and our action is imperative.

Please do not let this stop you from supporting the Browns! We must expose these incidents and use them to gain even more numbers. We must take our support to the next level. DO NOT BE AFRAID -- FEAR IS THE CONTROL THEY USE! It is time to band together and be serious. We do not have the privilege of being indifferent to the events unfolding. We must stop this.

These incidents need to be blown open on the national level. We need to show people what's going on here. We are being intimidated and coerced into submission. We are being unlawfully imprisoned without having committed any crimes! Our only crime is to exercise our freedom and attempt to live a life of liberty. What is AMERICA all about? If not Freedom and Liberty, then what?

What must we do?
  • Spread the word -- get people to sign up at, see what's going on, and let everyone they know -- send out emails, post on websites, contact newspapers and TV stations, print out flyers, do whatever we have to!
  • Show people that the government is using wiretapping and other forms of surveillance to arrest, imprison, and coerce peaceful Americans
  • Support Ed and Elaine more than ever before! Use these incidents as fuel for our battle for Liberty and Truth
  • This is no longer theory or speculation -- those acting as our government ARE using unlawful means to subjugate us -- that is to enslave, conquer, to make submissive and subservient! They shed our blood on 9/11/01 -- they physically attacked us and killed thousands -- and now they've used psychological and "legal" attacks to do what was REALLY the plan all along -- TOTAL CONTROL. Wake people up! This is worse than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union! The only difference is we still have our guns and our ability to stop this -- we haven't yet lost people by the tens of millions, but that is their plan!
I or others will be sending our further alerts. We will bring you updated information on this latest imprisonment of a non-criminal -- an Ed and Elaine supporter! Stay frosty, keep the powder dry, and be prepared to take action. Let's stop this thing before anymore people are hurt by the real criminals -- the corporate policy enforcers known as local, state, and federal "law enforcement." Thank you for your patriotism and support of one of the most inherent qualities that makes us who we're supposed to be -- FREEDOM!!!

Sincerely yours,

Shaun Kranish

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Blogger KOSMIC said...

lately I have learned than if you send email to the usual news media email addresses and don't receive one of those auto replies we are all so use to it is because just like blocking spam, our address has been flagged as unwanted. So if you are one who sends email requesting the media look at the Brown situation or about about Dr. Paul, you may need to use a different email address each time in order to get your message through, these people do not want to hear from us but we must keep letting them know we are out here and we expect to be heard. Remember we own the media and the public air waves. We are not doing anything wrong by flooding our opinions via email, blogs or any other form of communications. So if you are not getting auto replies you are being blocked. Use a different email address and keep those emails flying.

9:51 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

The Gestapo has gotten ahold of yet another of the Browns' supporters. Wow, this is as bad as China or Russia, BEFORE the fall of the iron curtain!

These bastard government officals & agents tout this country as "Land of the Free." What a brazen lie! Well, the good news is that the people are waking up to the Gulag-gone awry!!!

3:00 AM  
Blogger dion said...

I noticed that none one of the so-called news agencies has given the reason for Mr Brown's revolt against the IRS and the it because they don't want people to know the real truth?

3:57 PM  

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