Friday, June 15, 2007

Ruby Ridge & Randy Weaver Video


Blogger Cheryl said...

I weep watching our evil governmemt
torchering and destroying an innocent family at Ruby Ridge and feel guilty for not making a stand for them so many years ago.For if I like many other American citizens would have made a stand then, The Brown family would not be facing the evil doings of the federal government now. As for me and my family, we won't stand-by and watch this ever happen again. We all need to GET COURAGE and stand up for justice and GOD."For Evil To Conquer,Good Men Need To Do Nothing". Randy and family, Ed and Elaine Brown you are my hero's and God's.You will be rewarded.
Godspeed, Cheryl Bentz and Family

8:49 PM  
Blogger RSBL said...

Like I said before, if the government murders again for the simple fact one of its "citizens" wont do what they say, then it will be open season on them, im sick of it, and so is America, this isnt nazi germany, we arent subjects, they will have to try and kill us all, and with God as my witness, if they fire one fucking shot that makes its mark, im tearing loose, they wont know when or where, only that its comin, Iraqis dont have shit on an angry fed-up american geurilla fighter. Malon Labe!!

11:46 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

It's the biggest con of the century. Our so-called government leaders stand up on their podiums & spew their venomous lies about this country being a one of freedom & liberty. The truth is that our own government is tyrannical & Nazi-esque!

They slaughter its citizens for their own evil reasons & then rationalize the murder in the name of Justice & security. My hat is off to the Browns for taking a stand to the malfeasnt system!

What has happened to the "American Dream" & "Land of the Free"?!? The bastard government cronies need pay heed to the demands of We The People, when we warn `em about NOT bringing harm to those INNOCENT people!

Are the Browns asking too much when they simply ask to be shown the law, which they have ALLEDGEDLY broken?!?

This situtation better NOT end in tragedy the way WACO & RUBY RIDGE did, for the vast populous of this country are awakening... & a revolution will be imminent!

2:13 AM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

There will be ZERO excuses for the Gestapo Govt if Ed & Elaine are injured or killed.

4:03 AM  
Blogger vman45 said...

Wow! That's the first I've cried in a while. I regretfully admit that I was too busy starting my own family back in the early '90s to give the Ruby Ridge story much thought. God bless you, Mr. Weaver.

Against its own citizens, women and children no less, our government can't even use non-lethal means of suppression. Yet if your come here illegally and burden the society, they want to reward you.

This is not America. And I hope whomever is monitoring this site finds the courage to question their beliefs and morals and decide what they really stand for.

2:08 PM  

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