Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 1776th Post On QFFT/Show Us The Inherent Law

"Nathan Hale's Relative" shared this message this morning over on

"If 2 sealed rooms are adjoined by a closed door and there is light in one and dark in the other when the door is opened the dark room becomes light, not the other way around. The dark side is inherently weaker, no way to change that."

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Note: 1776 days from today will be April 24, 2012, the 5th anniversary of Ed and Elaine's sentencing hearing.

The Execution of Nathan Hale (1776): The Making of a Martyr

In the early summer of 1776, the British evacuated Boston leaving the city and New England to the rebelling colonialists. Where would the British strike next?

Nathan Hale was a lieutenant in the Continental Army. In his early twenties, Hale had worked as a schoolteacher before the Revolution. In late September 1776 he volunteered to cross the British lines and travel to Long Island in order to gather intelligence. Unfortunately, his mission was soon discovered and he was captured by the British. Taken to General Howe's headquarters (commander of the British forces) in New York, the young spy was interrogated and executed on September 22. Word of the execution was brought to General Washington's headquarters shortly after by a British officer carrying a flag of truce. Click here for more.


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