Saturday, June 09, 2007

Police Lie, Say Browns Not Under Siege Despite Presence Of Six APC's, Helicopters, Fully Armed

Infowars reporters Luke Rudkowski and Matt Lepacek have bravely entered the property of income tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield New Hampshire as it continues to be surveilled by armed and camouflaged US marshals operating in the area with APC's to shoot video and document the scene in the wake of a typically cowardly mainstream media blackout.

Rudkowski briefly joined Alex Jones on air today along with the Browns themselves and expert correspondent Jack McLamb to recount the dramatic events of yesterday.

Read more at Ed Brown MySpace blog.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

This is to be expected. Law enforcement procedures allow officers to lie---that's a given.

I'm not defending that, but saying that one should expect it when dealing with law enforcement.

The technique was developed decades ago by Dr. Fred Inbau (his son was my best friend in high school---where are you, Bob?) and his law partner, Dr. John Reid. Both were pioneering criminologists who completely reformed the Chicago Police Dept. [Instead of lying to the suspects in interrogation, many police used to beat them with rubber hoses--- literally. It was decided that the lying was a better technique.]

1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was not a test at all it was a raid. The only reason it stopped was because of Mr. Dog Walker.

Where's all the supporters that are supposed to be surrounding Ed's house to protect them?

I'll tell you where they are - they are standing as far away as possible because of Ed's big mouth and all his ramblings about being a fiction, 9/11, Illuminati etc. etc.

Like I said before - Ed is his own worst enemy. When this started it was promising and on the right track. A movement was growing and people were being energized. However, Ed ruined all that.

Ed - I hope you are reading this. You sir are a moron and soon you are going to be a dead moron and your cause will be quickly forgotten because you yourself blew it. You are the blame.

Ed - look around at the tiny bit of support you have right now especially after a planned raid. That's all that will ever be there because of your foolishness.

What gets me really pissed off is the fact that your moronic actions tarnish the credibility of legitimate patriots.

What little respect I had for you, Reno and the rest has been replaced with embarrassment. You are an embarrassment to the true patriot movement in this country. I'm sure the founding father would feel the same way.

9:35 AM  

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