Friday, June 15, 2007

Feds block more communications


There is nothing much to tell today. Cirino, who has been staying with the Browns for some time, has once again had his cell phone disconnected. He just got a brand new cell phone and his company got the service going again. And today? They disconnect it AGAIN. Calling his number says it's been disconnected.

With what authority, pray tell, do the feds kill communications of private Citizens? With what authority do they block cell phones, Internet, cut phone lines, shut off satellite TV, kill power? These are the actions of a tyrannical government out of control. I don't recall seeing anything in the Constitution that says the executive branch has this authority. Let's also not forget that Congress and the executive branch only have authority over the FEDERAL ZONE -- not places within a State such as where the Browns live. NO JURISDICTION.

What don't they want the Browns to be able to tell people? Perhaps that their house is surrounded by heavily-armed goons and thugs in battle dress, prepared to lay siege and commit murder? Do they not want Ed and Elaine getting their message out that NOW is the time to MAKE THE STAND? The longer we wait, the harder it WILL get, folks.

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