Saturday, April 28, 2007

Art Farnsworth Update

I am sad to report that I am the latest member of the Tax honesty Movement to fall victim to the unlawful enforcement actions of the Internal Revenue Service, and the insensitive and

sometimes despicable actions of the judicial branch (DOJ) acting without jurisdiction, and end up locked in a cage.

I write this letter from the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, right across the street from the federal courthouse, where ten days ago, after having concluded my allocation (meaning “plea for mercy”) I heard the judge remind me that the federal income tax system is one of voluntary compliance before telling me he was hitting me with the maximum time amount suggested by the guidelines for not , supposedly, volunteering. You heard that right! Recall that in its brief back in the interlocutory appeal phase the government and said therein that if the idea that an assessment is a prerequisite to any possible evasion of payment charge is allowed to stand, it would have a crippling effect on the nation’s voluntary compliance tax system. Here in court, two months later, I stood and heard a federal judge admit again that it’s a voluntary system as he sent me to jail.



Blogger YankeesPie said...

Mr. Farnsworth, Am very sorry to hear of your troubles! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you, at this crossroad in your life. Am curious although, whether there is a transcript of what the judge said to you; about it being voluntary? And if so if there isn't any other legal measures you might take? God be with you.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

The judge didn't say that paying taxes was voluntary, he said that it is a system of voluntary compliance.

Almost every law in the US is under voluntary compliance.

For example, when you come to a stop sign, you choose to stop. If you don't, you risk getting a ticket. That is voluntary compliance because you choose to comply. It doesn't mean there aren't consequences for making that choice.

Compare that to a train crossing, where a physical barrier comes down. You don't have the choice whether to stop or not. You have to stop because of the barrier. That's mandatory compliance.

Income taxes are enforced by a system of voluntary compliance. You can choose not to pay (just as you could choose to ignore the stop sign) but there are consequences.

Compare that to sales tax or gases taxes where you can't even purchase the product without paying the taxes up front. You have no choice so that is not a voluntary compliance situation.

11:25 AM  

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