Thursday, April 26, 2007

"The power of the "little people""

THIS IMAGE FROM JPFO HAS HAUNTED ME since I first saw it several weeks ago. For one thing, it's just a great graphic. But also, a great idea.

Why do 100 million (or 80 million, or 50 million, or whatever) gun owners allow themselves to be terrorized by such a small band of thugs? (2300 is the number of ATF employees dedicated to infringing on the Second Amendment.) I'm sure if you asked around the answers would range anywhere from simple ignorance, arrogance, or apathy ("They'll never come for my trap gun") to terror ("Yeah, but those 2300 have the whole fedgov behind them" or "Yeah, but when even a dozen of those bastards come after you, you're outnumbered").

In either case, the ATF -- and the whole brutal, unconstitutional, control-freaking federal government wins while we lose. Just because we don't exercise our own obvious power. If a mere one percent of gun owners said, "No more!" the entire ATF could be exiled to the North Pole, where global warming could eventually send them down below where they belong.

But we can't gather our strength.

Still. That great graphic by Brian Axtell is a powerful something to think about. Here's an example of "the power of the little people" -- and I warn you this is seemingly unrelated and has to do with dogs:

Click here for more.


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