Thursday, April 26, 2007

Show Us The Code: An Open Letter To Steve Balmer

We're requesting anyone involved in the Linux communities & companies to stand up & demand that Ballmer show the world where Linux violates MS's IP. This is a challenge & when answered, Linux devs will be able to modify the code so it remains "free" software. If such code doesn't exist, the bluff will be called & many companies can rest soundly.

Sound familiar? Click here and here for more.

"Bloggers are the hackers of the corrupted main stream mediocratic monopoly. Our mission is truth, our numbers are many, and we are taking back the control of the public mind. Liberating it from those whom peddle complacency, conformity, and ignorance. This is our mission and not one of us can do it alone. Join us!" - Casey Lee Cobb


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