Wednesday, April 25, 2007

David Clarence Talked To The Deputy Federal Marshal

There was a rumor that there could have been a raid tonight. David's call to the Marshal's office may have stopped this from happening. Listen to the blog below:
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Blogger KOSMIC said...

we should do this in every state.


Comes now Plaintiff and for his complaint states:

Plaintiff, Lindsey K. Springer (“Springer”), seeks declaratory judgment, injunctive and other equitable relief against the United States (“U.S.”) and its Internal Revenue Service Agency’s (“IRS”) regarding its intentional failure and refusal to bring into compliance its information request form 1040 with the Paperwork Reduction Act (“PRA”). This case is about the procedure required to promulgate the information request form and whether the public protection under 44 U.S.C. § 3512 applies to Form 1040 with purported Office of Management and Budget number (hereinafter sometimes OMB #) 1545-0074 which is the same expired number that has appeared since the 1981 Form 1040 first purportedly published its compliance with the PRA. This case also raises the question as to whether the public protection statement listed within the instructions for Form 1040 with OMB 1545-0074 is an accurate statement.

11:44 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

It's time for all proponents of the Browns to pay a visit & all of the opponents of the fascist & tyrannical governemt to to make a stand!!!

12:52 AM  

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