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The Marshal's letter to the Browns

'These warrants are not going away'

Concord Monitor
April 25. 2007 8:00AM

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brown:

Proceedings in the U.S. District Court have now concluded. You have been convicted of felony offenses against the United States, and have now been sentenced to a period of confinement in the United States Bureau of Prisons. This is now a matter for the U.S. Marshals Service and their law enforcement partners.

As you both know, there are outstanding warrants for your arrests. To date, you have made statements threatening law enforcement if attempts are made to serve those warrants. This creates a public safety concern for the community and subjects both you, and anyone who may be assisting you with this obstruction of justice, to further prosecution.

Until they are served, these warrants are not going away, and neither is law enforcement. The United States Marshals Service has maintained an open line of communication with both of you. We have, and will continue to take, all reasonable steps to resolve this peacefully. But, in order to remedy the situation you have placed yourselves in, without subjecting yourselves to further liability, here is what you need to do:

1. Contact us to make arrangements, and

2. Surrender peacefully to the United States Marshals Service.

You have my assurance that you will be treated professionally, with courtesy and respect. This is the right thing for you to do, and I encourage you to do it.

Sincerely,Stephen R. MonierUnited States Marshal

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Blogger Onrhodes said...

Okay, let me see here, you want to say that the government of the United States does not exist. That they have no jurisdiction over you. Yet you continue to live in this country, you continue to use the roads that my federal tax dollars paid for, you use the phone lines, internet and other means of communication which all have federal surcharges. Do you pay those? Do you pay the bill short, saying you don't owe the government anything?
That friend of your who suffered from some chemo complications several weeks ago now. Where do you think some of those funds that help pay for them go? The state of NH gets millions of dollars a year from the US government for things such as public safety. That money is then passed down to local agencies.
Should we put a toll booth at the end of your driveway so that anyone leaving your property has to pay to use that road that more then likely had matching federal funds contributing to it's construction?
Did you attend school in the US? Did your children? Hmmm, more federal funds helped pay for that too.
Give up your misguided attempt at trying to prove that the government has no right to tax you. Who do you propose takes care of the running of this country and how do you propose we pay for it? Socialism is a great theory, but does not work in reality. Just ask Cuba and Russia.
If you're going to benefit from what this country supplies (subsized railroads, highways, etc) that allow the food, clothing, etc to reach your table. Then owe up to it and pay your fair share.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Davio Hadzi said...

Correction to onrhodes:

Your federal tax dollars do not pay for the highways, the gas tax pays for those. Local roads are funded by the excise tax on your vehicle. Had you bothered to read anything posted here before today, you would already know the Browns pay all legal taxes. The schools are paid for from property tax.

The federal income tax pays for interest on the debt to the Federal Reserve, which is not a constitutionally sanctioned part of our government. Rather, it is a private corporation which has its hand up the ass of the IRS to shake the money out of your pockets.

Before making such grandiose statements, please read up on your facts, and more importantly, learn to think and not just regurgitate what others have told you.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

"Before making such grandiose statements, please read up on your facts, and more importantly, learn to think and not just regurgitate what others have told you."

So why are you regurgitation the myths and fallacies from the Aaron Russo movie?

3:49 PM  
Blogger USAFVET said...

Using a quote from onrhodes: "Should we put a toll booth at the end of your driveway so that anyone leaving your property has to pay to use that road that more then likely had matching federal funds contributing to it's construction?"

I live and work on the East Coast and wonder why...if Federal funds are used to construct and maintain the roads (which I do know gas taxes and vehicle registration fees are meant for that purpose)...please explain to me why I must pay tolls to use those very roads that YOUR tax dollars are supposedly paying for. If you don't live in New Jersey...just ask my why this state has the highest amount of property taxes in the country. And last but not least...what makes an individual who stands up for freedom and the right to keep what they earn a Socialist? I served in the Armed Forces of this country for over 10 years and most of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been infinged upon to the extent that the mere right of protecting myself and my family can be considered a crime...just ask Ronald Dixon of New York..a veteran of the US Navy. As far as I see it...we are all paying for our own destruction!

4:11 PM  
Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

Tolls and excise pay for most federal road costs, but not all. The federal government covers the rest.

And for those who think that income taxes do nothing more than pay for interest on the national debt, you should actually try reviewing the national budget. It shows moneys coming in from income taxes and otherwise, and moneys being spent.

Scroll down to table S-8 and look at the figures for 2007.

You'll find that the federal government takes in roughly $2.4 trillion per year, and $1.1 trillion of that (45%) is from personal income taxes.

Now look at Table S-11. Net interest paid out is $247 billion, which means that roughly 10% of all income to the government goes toward the national debt. Even if 100% of that interest were paid for with personal income tax dollars (which it isn't) the most you can say is that 22% of income taxes goes towards servicing the national debt.

5:07 PM  
Blogger USAFVET said...

When you consider how much in taxes we actually equates to more than 40% of all our income for each year. You are taxed on what you make...and taxed on what you spend. Isn't that double taxation? A corporation is taxed on the profits they make! All expeditures are a write-off. Why should the average American worker be required to provide the government with an itemized list of deductions in order to minimize their tax burden? Who has time to collect every receipt for everything that they purchase over a years time? I have 3 children and almost zero time to do anything but tend to them and work. It pains me to no end that I must devote over 4 months of my income to the government when I receive next to nothing in return from them. I still have to pay for my own living arrangements, food, health care, vehicle maintenance and fuel, child care expenses, and I save very little! In fact..I live nearly paycheck to paycheck! You tell me how fair that is that I must ask the bank for a loan just to make ends meet when the government demands so much from each of us. America went from being a prosperous creditor nation without an income tax to a debtor nation owing trillions that can never be paid. What is wrong with this picture? Now that the US is involved with this "war on terror"...we are adding over a billion dollars every day...for the last 4 years! All the money spent by the government prior to 9/11/01 didn't prevent that catastrophe to happen, so why would even more money help? In the mean time...foreclosures are on the rise...we have more homelessness than any other country on the planet. Health care is a disaster...and education is in rapid decline. It seems that the only way anything will improve is when we give the government 100% of our earnings and by then we will all live under Communism...and we will own nothing, and our every move will be monitored...for our own good of course!

7:09 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Davio Hadzi-

Great Rebuttal to onrhodes. It's amazing how many Citizens are mis-informed and Un-Educated about Our FIAT Money System.

8:27 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Even then, You aren't even considering the Hidden Tax of Inflation.

Check these out... If You want real education on the income tax... Watch this.

Theft By Deception - Deciphering The Federal Income Tax
By Larken Rose
1 hr 27 min 51 sec - Apr 8, 2006

And if You want to know what the Federal Reserve actually is... then watch this.

FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
Matrixx Productions
1 hr 22 min 24 sec - 5/12/2006

Left Click 3 times on the URL I've posted here. Then when it's highlighted, right click and copy to Your Browser.

Talk to Me AFTER You watch them both. If You still feel the same way after Watching Both in Full Length... I'll be amazed.

8:35 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Previous Posts.

The Simple TRUTH is...

Until EVERYONE KNOWS FOR SURE Who is, or is not LEGALLY LIABLE to pay INCOME TAX... It is totally irrelevant, and Frivolous of US, to believe that We ARE, or We are NOT.

If You Believe that you SHOULD pay Income Tax... Then Fine. Pay it. I'm sure no one will complain. (Until they want you to pay MORE.)

If you BELIEVE, that you are in Fact, NOT LIABLE for Income Tax... And Written Law itself does not show YOU, to be Liable for it... Then you SHOULD NOT pay it.

Since 90 or more percent of the CITIZENS, DONT EVEN KNOW THE LAW EXEMPTS THEM, and they WILLINGLY continue to pay it... This should be good enough for the IRS, the Treasury, and their Bulldogs.

Think of all the Money they're still Making. (Unlawfully)... To fund Wars, and yet further our National Debt, and Continue to break us down, year by grueling year.

They are so selfish, and so corrupt... And so Arrogant... That they instead twist the LAW, Abuse the LAW, Mock the LAW, infringe upon and BREAK the LAW, Unjustly and Brutally Enforce the LAW, totally and Knowingly DENY the LAW, call the LAW "frivolous" names, give the LAW Deceiving names, and overall, give the LAW a BAD name.

And they do it in our Faces! And the Jury's!

Then they Convict the Innocent CITIZEN and Levy against (steal from) them upon NONEXISTANT WHIMSICAL GHOST LAWS... The list of Crimes they commit is as long as that of some of the worst FELONS you could imagine.

I feel desperation for those who cannot see this happening... Pity for those who unwittingly agree with it... And Spite for those who aid in Corruption and Terrorism against the AMERICAN CITIZEN.

These are the very people who write LAWS to protect Themselves against charges of TREASON!!! The very People who now write, and change the LAWS whenever, and however They desire.

If The Law... says that YOU... Are NOT... Liable fro INCOME TAX... Then DON'T pay it!

Consider the INCOME TAX You pay as "SWEAT MONEY", soon to become "BLOOD MONEY".

Now... ...Go find out if YOU... Are Liable. TBD Larkin


It is the INCOM TAX ADVOCATES who are wrong, and who all Hate America and what this Country stands for. Because it is the Income Tax Advocate, Who primarily Benefits in some way from the Income Tax Imposed upon others.
Most People who Agree with the Income tax are those who Impose it, or, are those in Congress who are in fact... too damned scared of the fed to Honor their own Oath of Office and put a stop to it, or are benefiting Themselves in some way or another.
The rest of the People who agree with the Income tax are Citizens who simply have not studied, or do not know what the Constitution, and the Laws actually Say.
Most People, when trying to understand tax law, Go directly to the IRS for information, and are Deceived about the ACTUAL LAWS, and are buried so deeply in the Internal Revenue Code, that they simply give up anyway.
They have not made any CLEAR Laws regarding Income Tax to cite to the People, Because doing so would show that there never was one, and, in essence, show themselves to be Thieves of Labor.
I Myself believe in Most Taxes that we all pay. What I do not believe in, is an income tax imposed on American Citizen's who derive their entire income solely from WITHIN THE US, and in the Private Sector!
It has been handed down as UnConstitutional Time and Time again! Those of you who do not agree are under-studied regarding the Laws and the Constitution itself... Are too Lazy to study them at all, and are more eager to take the IRS's word for it... Too Scared to argue the facts you know to be true... Or are a flat out Communist Bastard being paid off to shut your Mouth and close your eyes on the Constitution.

There it is... plain and simple.

ED BROWN IS A TRUE PATRIOT! He is the epidamy of the Word itself... And He has more intestinal Fortitude than the Majority of the People in this Country who CLAIM to be Patriot Citizens. You should... whether you support him or not... Give him your Utmost respect and Admiration for Standing on his beliefs... Because most of you, have never done anything so profound in your Life! You would much rather Lay Down, and Concede to the Government, everything that makes you a Man or Woman UNDER GOD... And to include the very Rights of Our Children.

If you were a Farmer, and caught someone stealing your Chickens, you'd shoot them... If they were raiding your Crops... You'd shoot them... If they were stealing your Horses... You'd shoot them.
Well I have news for you Folks... The Government has been Stealing Eggs out of your Hen House for over 80 years!
Wake up! It's time to hold them to THE LAW. For the sake of your own Children and their Future! Soon... the Government will be taking .90cents of every Dollar you make... and your Children will work for free!

When the Federal Reserve came to be... It was perceived that Congress could Remove the Power Granted to the FED RESV. at any time it was deemed "NO LONGER NECESSARY".

Congress to this day have Failed WE THE PEOPLE in meeting this OBLIGATION.

The Federal Reserve is NO LONGER NEEDED... and is the VERY REASON for our Nations BANKRUPCY and DEBT.

One very Important President Realized this, and PASSED Executive Order 11110, which WAS and STILL IS the Very tool by which WE THE PEOPLE can LEGALLY shut down the Federal Reserve!

This President was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was Murdered just days after passing this Order. He was Murdered for this very reason, and for wanting no part of VIETNAM. Executive Order 11110 was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid. That's right!!! NORFED can make all the Liberty Dollars it wants! And the People CAN USE THEM!

Why has no President Utilized Bill 11110? Research this for Yourself, and ask this Question.

Executive Order 1110 gave the US the ability to create its own money backed by silver. ...

I am no EXPERT... But I can say, and Prove beyond ANY Doubt (as have others)... That the 16th Amendment WAS NOT RATIFIED. This proof is right in front of anyone who takes the Time to Discover it.



Any U.S. Citizen who derives their INCOME "Solely from within the United States" and is "NOT A BENEFICIARY OF ANY FEDERAL POSSESSION SUCH AS PUERTO RICO OR OTHERS" In essence, this means if You have no Foreign Income, and work within the Private sector... Specifically... not A Federal/State Employee.

The only Income that is in FACT Taxable... is Foreign Earned Income or Gain…Profit… and Interest earned. The Average American Citizen's U.S. LABOR AND PAYMENT FOR SAID LABOR... Are NOT Taxable "BY THE LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION" and that is EXACTLY WHY it is not Taxable by any other LAW consequently, to this very Day!... and is EXACTLY WHY "THEY"... Will Not "SHOW YOU, A LAW"!

Your Labor for Your Employer is NOT PROFIT! It is an Even exchange! Our Forefathers knew this! And Made it Crystal Clear in Our Constitution!

Are you Getting this?
The Facts are out there for Everyone to see, and the LAW EVERYONE'S LOOKING FOR... Is right in the World's Face, And it IS WRITTEN LAW...For all you non-believers, and Critics of "TAX HONESTY ADVOCATES"... Why do think the Government WONT FACE THE LAW in our own Courts? Why do you think the Courts Themselves, and the Government, Refuse to Even Allow the LAW to be Presented, By Ed and Elaine Brown? The Jury for Ed and Elaine were not allowed to see any of their Evidence… They were denied to see ANY STATUTE… and they were denied to see even the IRC, which is what the Prosecutors used against them! How is a Jury to Decide a Person’s Guilt or Innosense, when they are denied the very rights of a Jury. Which is to see all evidence, and hear all Testimony from BOTH SIDES!

I can't speak for any of you People... I can only speak for Myself... I've researched the "LAW"... Which is cited by First, the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, and then the Statutes and the Regulations there of. The IRC IS NOT THE LAW!

I happen to be No-ones Dummy, and the Truth has always come easy, and presented itself Profoundly in my Lifetime, as I have Fervently sought it out.

For the True American Patriot, it is our Duty to also Protect, and Stand just as firmly, if not more... For the Rights of those who are weaker, and cannot Stand for their Own Rights.


In case You've forgotten... This is not Just about Ed and Elaine Brown! It's about Your Children and Mine, Growing up and becoming a Slave as we have been, only with a microchip inside them to prevent any escape from it.

The reason only 6-12 People have shown up, is because they're all scared, Blackmailed by the Government, or Work for the Govt. Which one are You? If you're not going to be part of the solution, then that makes you part of the problem. And it matters not when in someones life they choose to do research on tax laws and the Constitution. The bottom line is this... They Chose to research and learn this simple fact: American Citizens who only derive income from within the U.S. are not now, and never have been Taxable by way of income Tax.

Our State Government is supposed to aid We The People in bringing The FEDERAL GOVT. to justice. The Federal Govt. derives all of it's Power from the Constitution of the United States, and From We the People. When the Fed tries to usurp our Rights and Liberties... When the FED Abuses it’s Power, or Claims ANY Authority not Granted by The Constitution, Our State Government and Federal Judges are supposed to help We The People to Set them straight... (By granting DUE PROCESS, and By (Allowing ALL the statutes to be read in light of the Constitution!) You...(being angry with Ed Brown) Are Acting just like the Federal Govt... Vindictive and Destructive of this Man's Rights under the Constitution, and Vindictive of Other's (Aaron Russo) Who share the Same Feelings as ED BROWN About illegal Taxes imposed on Americans. If You cannot see this... Then you know nothing of the Constitution, and are as ignorant as the Lawmakers who Continue to allow the Abuse of the Constitution by the Federal Government and the IRS. And since You’ve Basically now Become a two faced, Crooked, Govt. Supporter, Nothing you say in Defence of “We The People” will be heard or listened to by “WE THE PEOPLE” And, since You supposedly started out speaking FOR “We The People”,
The Government won’t trust you either. You My Homely Friend… Simply do not know what you Believe in.

Let's Face a simple Fact here... 1913 was not that long ago People... But it's just long enough for the Federal Government to have almost completely buried the truth! My point is this... Your Grandmother's Grandmother NEVER had to pay an Income Tax!!! So why the hell are we paying it now? I give to You: "Theft by Deception" "The Law that Never Was" "America, Freedom to Fascism" And finally... People who care about the Truth not only for themselves, But for you and yours... ie. (ED BROWN). So if you are so torn as to your own beliefs, The go join the masses of scared little sheeple that the Federal Government has corralled in this Great Country, and Live under their shadow forever, Believing the GREAT LIE.


It is ALL... About the Kids.
Our Children need things They can Laugh about in Life... We need to give Them things about Life to Love... Things to appreciate, and Things or Ideas to Respect and to be Proud of. We need to Acknowledge Our Children's Rights to Freedom and Liberty as it Once was Acknowledged on Our behalf... We need to retain those Rights and Liberties for Our Children...And We need to do it NOW. Our Children know not Their Rights until We Teach them, as We were taught The Constitution.

We should NOT leave Them Things or Ideas They come to Hate or Resent...
Such as the fact that, as We Teach Our Children the Constitution in Schools across the Nation... We are slowly Dismantling it by Statute, Regulation and Code. We should NOT leave Them with Microchip Implants (The National ID), Designed for Banking Transactions and surveillance. We should NOT leave Them at the Mercy of the International Criminal Court, to be Labeled as Terrorists, or to be imprisoned or Killed, simply for Citing the Constitution, which they were taught by their Parents and their Schools.

What are We to tell them as Adults when They ask Us, "Dad, Why didn't you Defend Our Rights when You still had Them to Defend for us?" Or "Mom, I always thought The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were Real not Fiction, Why did You Lie to Me?"

I think of the Children Each and every Time I think of the Constitution... and I hope You do as well...

Because when thinking about Our Constitution Today... The very next Important thought to Consider, is Our Children... And what We are leaving Them after We're Gone.

S Buck

A Note to all:
Police can Search Your Home and leave... And never even tell you they were there. They can also enter your Vehicle to leave an "Unlocked Door" Warning, or even install Tracking, Listening or Video devices... And NOT TELL YOU. Homeland Security can Activate just the Microphone in your Cell Phone, and Listen to "Standing Room Noise"... Even when Your Cell Phone is turned off! That's right... Pull out the Battery! One more thing You should know if You don't already... "standing noise" can also be monitored via satellite, using Your Vehicle's Northstar system... The Bill of Rights is on it's way out! It's already out!

Just an added benefit to the Worldwide, Non-Citizen, Non-Auditable Private Bankers of the Federal Reserve, who Control not all of, but now Most of: Our good Court System and its Fine Judges, Our good Congressmen from the Senate and House of Representatives, Our Voting System, Our Outstanding Soldiers and Police Officers, Our good DOJ and their (fill it in) Attorneys who now Re-Write or Ghost-write the Laws, Twist the Codes and Regulations and Blackmail Judges and/or other Agencies all for Personal/Mutual Gain... The (Fill it in) IRS and our Office of Management and Budget, The good Reporting Media, etc. etc. until all the way down the line it affects, feeds off of and Destroys good Men or Women like You and I... Or Destroys Your Children after You're Gone.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I have to say something here. When are some (notice i said some) of you idiots going to read Ronald Reagan's Grace Commision report? Here is part of it, in its entirety. “With two-thirds of everyone's personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.”

9:24 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

I hope They have a court order, and a Writ of attachment when they come to take Ed and Elaines Property.

If they don't have a LEGAL NOTICE OF LIEN, and if they Don't strictly adhere to Title 28 (code of Cival Procedure)
or Sec. 3001, the (Fed. Debt Collection Procedures Act)...

Then under sec. 7214 of the IRC, They can be fined $10,000 or be Imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Para 332 says that when siezing property, They MUST NOT violate any Constitutional Rights of the Individual.

And of coarse They are, because Ed and Elaine's "TRIAL" was Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Fixed. The Jury was denied all Constitutional Rights to determine and enter their own Finding of Guilty or Not, Based on the Evidence that They were Denied By Judge McAuliffe.

That's right... The Jury was NEVER SHOWN any Evidence from the Prosecution or the Defense! And in fact... Were instructed by the Judge to "Find the Law as I give it to You!"

They were TOLD to enter a Guilty Verdict!

Where is the Justice in that?!

Therefore Ed's Motion to dismiss is Valid. And The Prosecutor and Judge should be indicted.

Ed and Elaine should be Granted a Fair and Just Re-Trial at the VERY LEAST!

9:42 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Robert... You are absolutely right! Our Income Tax Money is nothing but Interest payments on Money that Congress BORROWS from the Federal Reserve! Which They Print out of thin air! Not one Flat Dime is spent on the Infrastructure on this Nation.

Our Military is Paid for from all the Legal User taxes We Pay.

Inflation is NOT rising prices... It is the Government forcing the value of the Dollar to Plummet. Inflation is nothing more that a "HIDDEN TAX" paid by the Good Honest people of this Country, and they don't even know it!

9:49 PM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

What you pay?

Debt, national and trade.

Inflation, the hidden tax.

Excise payroll taxes, are greater than most americans are paying in income "slave labor" tax.

Income, corporate, gains, profits and stupid americans tax. A direct nonapportioned tax.

So far we are over 50%. Add it up.

Now they go after the rest.


Now the rest of the story


You name it there is a tax on it. Even food, drugs and cloths, unless you don't want to count the taxes paid to produce everything we use.

One report I read says each dollar is taxes an average 14 times before the fed shreds it and makes even more money from the paper.


10:46 PM  

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