Thursday, April 26, 2007

InContext Blog Covers Ed Brown

You'd think this story would be getting a little more attention.

Read more here.


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

I hope that you weren't serious in asking, "So, why is this not news?".

The Corporate Media (mainstream and homogenized) will give this story little to NO coverage. The Pablum Press wants the Sheeple to believe that everyone just goes along with the impeccably Constitutional, but MISapplied Federal Income Tax. They will not tell you that upwards of 50-60 million Americans no longer file a 1040. Nor will they tell you that the main reason Congress is seeking to pass a national sales tax (to replace the Individual Income Tax) is because of noncompliance with the current system.

Some folks ask, how can people not file when taxes are withheld from checks every month? They forget that the IRS allows everyone to lie all claimimng exemptions that don't exist---thus drastically reducing the amount withheld. It is only on April 15 that one has to 'fess up and declare the proper number of exemptions---when filing a 1040.

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