Friday, April 27, 2007

Chuck Conces Out Of Jail

A message from Chuck Conces

Dear Lawmen and Others: I am out of jail and in very good health. Please let everyone know that they should not worry about me. I will be filing an addition to my appeal tomorrow. Keep truckin' you all.

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I am not a lawyer. I do not give legal advice. We are America's Posse!

All for the Greater Honor and Glory of God,
Chuck Conces


Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

Looks like Chuck agreed to turn over names and addresses.

1:00 PM  
Blogger albanyNY said...

ice cream man is an idiot, one of satan's solders, basically a redcoat, clueless about the TRUTH. He wouldn't know the truth if it hit him upside the head. I hate people like that. CLUELESS idiot

10:14 AM  

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