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Ed & Elaine On Q101 FM "Live" From Chicago This Morning

This is a pretty "hip" station which used to be the home of Mancow In The Morning. They had Ed on yesterday - and zapped him with labels like "hole-up", "compound", "tax protestor." He ended up hanging up on them. They called him back to ask if he'd come back on. Ed made a requirement that he'd come back on only if Fred Smart - me - was with him. Here's the audio blog of our post-interview this morning:

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Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

Ed Brown denies making threats
Recorded statements speak to the contrary

By Margot Sanger-Katz
Monitor staff

April 27, 2007 8:00AM

In a response to recent communications from the U.S. Marshal, Ed Brown has posted a letter on the internet saying that he has "never threatened anyone in (his) life" but warning that if the marshals take action against him, he will "use equal or greater force as the law dictates."

The Plainfield man, who was sentenced to more than five years in prison this week for conspiring to evade payment of his wife's taxes and concealing large financial transactions, remains holed up in his fortified hilltop home, despite bench warrants that call for the arrest of both himself and his wife, Elaine.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier issued a statement and released a letter that he had sent to the Browns after their sentencing hearings Tuesday, which the Browns did not attend. The letter told the couple that warrants for their arrest "are not going away" and asked them to surrender peacefully to authorities.

Since abandoning his federal trial and retreating to his home in January, Brown has repeatedly said that any attempts to arrest him would result in a violent confrontation. He has also gone further. On a daily internet radio show and in videos posted online, Brown has directly named investigators, prosecutors and the judge in his case, suggesting that they could be killed if anything happens to him. At other times, he has said their actions to date already justify retaliation.

"I wouldn't want to be this U.S. attorney. I wouldn't want to be this judge or these other people. This James John or anybody else that decides to come down here. Their names are already out there," Brown said in a video posted to the internet in early February, naming the lead IRS investigator on his tax case. "They are just as vulnerable as I am. And if they're so foolish and stupid to think that they're not, hey, doom on them."

The February video was not the only time when Brown mentioned targets by name. He has repeatedly stated the names of the judge in his case, the U.S. attorney for New Hampshire and the assistant U.S. attorney who brought charges against him and his wife. In one video, he urges his audience repeatedly to remember the name of the assistant prosecutor, "William E. Morse," which he repeats several times.

"Just remember him, boys. Remember who he is," Brown says, near the end of the recording.

In a radio interview in late March, Brown indicated that the unwillingness of federal authorities to see his righteousness made it his moral responsibility to kill them.

"Once you've used the lawful word, you've done it the absolute proper way, and they still come at you, they are now attacking the Creator himself or itself," he said to a fellow guest. "You kill them. That is exactly what the Ten Commandments tell you to do."

But in his recent letter, he disputed the marshal's contention that he had threatened violence or public safety, saying the marshal had fabricated "alleged threats against federal personnel."

"I Edward Lewis family Brown, have never threatened anyone in my life," the letter reads. "It is unlawful to threaten, however, I have warned everyone and anyone that has ever threatened me."

The letter was posted Wednesday night on Brown's MySpace page, A former military contractor named Cirino Gonzales has been updating the page since he arrived at the Browns' house from Texas last week. In his posting of the letter, Gonzales described it as a direct transcription of Brown's words. In a brief phone interview yesterday, Brown refused to confirm that the letter was his, saying only, "do not call me any more."

Monier said that he did not wish to respond to Brown's letter but emphasized that his position has not changed.

"There are warrants for his arrest. He's got to turn himself in," he said.

As for Brown's contention that there have been no threats: "His previous statements have been well-documented," Monier said.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Ice Cream Man said...

Browns on the record

Monitor staff

April 27, 2007 8:00AM

In a letter posted on his website Wednesday, Ed Brown said that he has "never threatened anyone." Here are some statements that Brown and his wife, Elaine, have made in recent months in newspaper interviews, radio broadcasts and videos posted on the internet.

Ed Brown: "You attack my property, it's going to get really violent. I don't care who it is."

Concord Monitor, Jan. 16

Ed Brown: "This is the beginning of one very huge movement. I'm not quite sure you understand the ramifications of what's going on right now. This is massive. This is international. We are fed up with the Zionist Illuminati. That's what this is all about. Loud and clear. Zionist Illuminati. Lawyers, whatever they are, okay, it's going to stop. And if the judge is a member of that, I know that McAuliffe is, I know that U.S. Attorney Colantuono is, they'd better stop. This is a warning. You can do whatever you want to me. My job is to get the message out, and I'm getting the message out, and I'm warning you guys - not you guys (show hosts), them - to cease and desist their unlawful activity in this country and every other country because once this thing starts, we're going to seek them out and hunt them down. And we're going to bring them to justice. So anybody wishes to join them, you go right ahead and join them. But I promise you, long after I'm gone, they're going to seek out every one of you and your bloodline."

Constitution for the Defense radio show, Truth Radio, Feb. 2.

Ed Brown: "These people need to be strung up, they are so criminal."
Ed Brown: "A lot of people would love the opportunity to rip out their hearts and shove them back down their throats."

Ed Brown Video Blog, Feb. 4

Ed Brown: "I just want everyone to remember one final and parting shot. I want everyone to really remember the name William E. Morse, the assistant U.S. attorney. He is evil beyond evil."

Ed Brown Video Blog, March 2.

Elaine Brown: "You've got to use force."
Ed Brown: "How?"
Elaine Brown: "To the death."

Elaine Brown: "We don't know how this will end. But there are only two ways we are coming out of here. Either as a free man and as a free woman or in body bags. That has not changed, and that's the stand that everyone must take. Because if we come out in body bags, there's going to be a few more, too. That's not a threat. That's just noticing them that this is the stand that we will take. We have not changed our minds."

Ed Brown Under Siege radio show, Republic Broadcasting Network, March 20

Ed Brown: "These people are the most incarnate people you're ever going to meet, if they are even people. You kill them. That is exactly what the Ten Commandments tell you to do.

"That's exactly what all of God's laws plus the Bill of Rights tells you to do."

Ed Brown Under Siege radio show, March 26

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