Saturday, February 17, 2007

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Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

For the anonymous DOJ crook:

How can ANYONE ever hope to get a fair trial in this country, with this attitude among judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement? Don't forget, you won't ALWAYS be working at DOJ and one day you could well become a victim. All it takes is for someone to pick you out and target YOU. The system you now support could one day destroy you. He who steals from ONE of us, steals a little from ALL of us.

Bill would permit courts to falsify court records

1:48 PM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

No government shill ever seems to address the fact that defendants in tax cases are denied the right to present witnesses and evidence that are helpful to their defense (exculpatory).

For example, several people have attempted to call Joe Banister, John Turner, and/or Sherry Jackson as witnesses, to demonstrate to juries just how crooked the IRS is in its operation. I think Joe Banister was allowed to testify once, but somehow his testimony was striken and the jury instructed to disregard it. The TRUTH is kept out of the view and hearing of juries, to the greatest extent possible.

Is anyone foolish enough to say, with a straight face, that we live in a free country?

99.9% of the People know NOTHING about our money system. You can LEARN in just over an hour.
Fiat Empire - Federal Reserve violates Constitution - Video 1 hr 22 min

Secrets of the Federal Reserve - (Wait for Movie to Load)

The Creature from Jekyll Island - TEXT ONLINE

Download PDF Version of Creature from Jekyll Island

THE MANDRAKE MECHANISM: Jekyll Island Ponzi Scheme Exposed

Eight (8) people CONTROL what we see, hear, and read. Have you ever seen, heard or read in the mainstream media any exposure of government farm subsidies or the Federal Reserve System?
Who owns the media? - STUDY this THOROUGHLY

America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version - Google Video

Official: Ed Brown Video Blog

Once Again, A Gun Saved Lives

Gov't can eavesdrop through your cell phone unless you take out the batteries !

Congressional Record Retrieval - Free Ramos and Compean

Scroll down and click on "Mind Control Documentary"

Alex Jones': Terror Storm

The Rise of the Police State

Controlling the Weather

Mind Control Documentary

World Population Control ā€” U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program

The Rise of the Police State

Assassination of JFK Jr, Part 1 - Google Video

Assassination of JFK Jr, Part 2 - Google Video

The Assassination of JFK Jr Part 1 and Part 2

Scroll down to "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr." Parts 1 and 2

Assassination of JFK Jr, Part 3 - Google Video

Assassination of JFK Jr, Part 4 - Google Video

Assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. - Part 5.

Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination,%20Bush%2041,%2043%20in%20JFK%20Jr.htm

National Press Club - UFOs and Extraterrestrial Technologies and Life Forms. - Google Video
In Skolnick's exclusive, "What Happened To America's Golden Boy, Part 3", he states that "weather radar reports for the time and zone reportedly have disappeared as have satellite imaging for that time and zone of the East Coast".

The above data will always be kept in a period of time if no one to touch it. How could such kinds of data suddenly disappear?

After the above data disappeared, it has proven that some involved LEO tried to destroy the evidence of false data about Friday night's weather condition.

Who could intentionally misplace weather radar data on officially public report then make the data to disappear? Obviously, such kind of crime can only be committed by involved LEO or invisible operatives from surveillance station/system.

JFK Jr. was most likely murdered with staged plane crash

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all a big conspiracy! You left out the Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, etc.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Chapman wins the presidential election, do you think the trucking folks will give him take annual leave to attend the G8 summit?

It would suck to have to tell the other world leaders that our guy couldn't make it because there was a bit of a jam up on I-80.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous jean allen said...

Thank you for helping Ed and Elaine. You are a true patriot. God bless you!
If I were you, I would't expect any help from the SBC, though. They are 100% supportive of George Bush because 1. they believe he's a born-again Christian and 2. he does the bidding of AIPAC (which they support) and 3. their organization if the mother of politically correct organizations.
Because of them, I call myself a Christ-follower now, rather than a Christian. The SBC will never stand up for Ed and Elaine.

Jean Allen
Tuscaloosa, Al.

4:13 PM  

>> Anonymous said...

It's all a big conspiracy! You left out the Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, etc.

2:23 PM
Anonymous said...

If Chapman wins the presidential election, do you think the trucking folks will give him take annual leave to attend the G8 summit?

It would suck to have to tell the other world leaders that our guy couldn't make it because there was a bit of a jam up on I-80.

2:33 PM>>

Anonymous Enemy Of We The People:

You don't have to hide from us.

We're not going to hurt you. We want to get to know you.

Please send us a message over at:

We'll be patient.

Until next time....

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so Chapman won't call the treasury guy today because it's a Saturday and they're not normally in the office. Yesterday (or perhaps earlier, it's hard to track his southern-drawl drivel sometimes), he noted that he had the guy's cell phone number. But rather than call the cell phone, he's going to try the guy on Monday -- a federal holiday.

Brilliant, Gene. Just brilliant. At which truck stop can I find your campaign headquarters? I'd like to make a donation.

6:23 PM  
Blogger here2daygonetomorrow said...

Nice report on the California weather. Seems like some people are starting to use the audio blogs just so they can hear their own voice. In other words, what did that have to do with anything?

6:41 PM  
Blogger "Show Me The Law" said...

Ed & Elaine are monument to what our founding fathers meant when they created the Constitution. They put a face to what the creators of the Constitution meant by "We the People". It's truly amazing that so many choose to ignore what is happening to our country. My husband says to me why do you waste your time with all these things, He Said even if I want to believe in half of what you claim; you know there's nothing any of us can do! Being an optimist I believe we can if we stand together. I told him; look at what they did to the Jews; I don't want to be a sheep lead to slaughter, to go willingly without a dang good fight.

Our leaders are allowing Illegal immigrants into our Country for several reasons, not the least of which is it gives them power. The more people they can get to be dependent on the government the more powerful they become. The real sad part is that within the next ten or fifteen years we the people will become the minority. Who will fight for our rights then? Their own country wasn't worth the effort to fight for, why would they fight here?

Pres. Bush has given 7000 Iraqi's visas to America.... So now we will be importing the Shiites and Sunnis so they can bring their fight here on our land.

Don't misunderstand me... I have nothing against legal immigrants.... after all they helped build our Great Nation we have today... the immigrants brought their cultures, most for the betterment of man kind... But its got to make you wonder what culture Islam has to offer other than a fanatical religion and war. We have to start looking at the broader picture Folks.. The excuse of not having enough time is over, because if you don't start seeing things for what they truly are it will be too late, for us, our children, and grandchildren...


8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the person opposing my weather update in California, actually, this audio blog system was set up for my presidential campaign. We set it up to post at Ed's site for his benefit.

Gene Chapman

11:42 AM  

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