Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"i was told today I am being transferred. I am all packed out, just waiting for them to call me. I don't know where, when or why, but I'm sure it will be in the next couple of days.
Watch the iternet for my destination.
Elaine "

Keith in RI wrote:

I THINK THEY WILL SEND HER FAR AWAY TO PUNISH HER FOR ATTEMPTING THE REDEMPTION PROCESS. there is also a chance she is being moved due to me saying on jacks show the other day that it was her that earned the income and didnt pay taxes but it is ed that is being punished..... it doesnt really matter why, but keep an eye on the b.o.p. website for her updates.... i doubt they will move her closer or to a better facility. i have a feeling they just dont want anymore legal stuff from her so they ship her around delaying everything and getting her away from her friends in danbury... as of this very moment, 2pm on tuesday, she is still being listed in danbury.....

lyndse can you let ed know this??


Dissent Is Patriotic

Monday, July 28, 2008

NH: Interview with jailed Brown supporter (1 of 3)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ron Paul marcher recounts scary police conduct in DC

NH: Free Staters' take on Ron Paul march

Friday, July 18, 2008

Manchester NH: Second pair of cops questions Ridley Report

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Joel Hansen, Robert Kahre, Alex Loglia and the IRS

On a 106-degree May afternoon in 2003, government agents raided several establishments belonging to Southern Nevada businessman Robert �Bobby� Kahre. With guns drawn, officials held more than 20 handcuffed workers in the sun without water as agents collected records and other materials.

Kahre hadn�t committed a crime. He had upset the Internal Revenue Service by paying his workers based on the face value of gold and silver coins, versus the market value in the Federal Reserve system (the value of the coins in U.S. paper dollars). Even though the coins were in circulation, displayed a face value, and were regulated by Congress, the IRS�s confusing and endless tax code did not determine how to handle these gold and silver coins if used for payroll. The tax code only references dollars. It does not distinguish between coined money and paper moneyJoel Hansen, Robert Kahre, Alex Loglia and the IRS



This website was created to give people one location to get accurate information on the progression of the legal cases against Edward and Elaine Brown of Plainfield New Hampshire and their fellow supporters Daniel Riley, Jason Gerhard, Cirino Gonzalez, and Robert Wolffe, as well as any pertinent information about the tax honesty movement as a whole.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First demands from IRS after I send "Peace Tax Return"

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Headline Legal News: The IRS vs. Robert Kahre

Ashley's Walking & Talking: "The Law Office of William A. Cohan is featured in an exciting, exclusive, in-depth and inside interview, discussing the case of Robert Kahre. Informally called the Kahre case -- after the primary defendant, business owner Robert Kahre, who paid workers in gold and silver coins -- the trial relied heavily on evidence gathered in a controversial armed raid in May 2003 on several of Kahre's local business places. The raid entailed keeping more than 20 workers handcuffed, in 106-degree heat without shade or water while agents collected records and equipment, which Kahre described in this interview with great detail. The trial resulted in zero convictions on 161 charges faced by nine defendants, a major win for William Cohan and Robert Kahre."


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Manchester NH: Cop questions me for videotaping police cars

Manchester NH: Cop questions me for videotaping police cars

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Elaine writes "thank you" to "Greer and Fran"

Keith in RI wrote:

this is a forwarded message from elaine. if you send her money to the des moines address all she gets is a last name, no first name or address. she would appreciate it if anyone sending her money could write to her also so she can get your address and send a thank you note back to you.

jack maybe you could announce that on your show? im guessing they are some of your listeners who responded to her request for donations. she wants everyone to know how much she appreciates their help! as do all the guys....

Elaine wrote:

"Two people named Greer and Fran each put money into my commissary account. I don't know who you are, Greer and Fran, please write me so I can thank you personally. But I will thank you this way, for your kindness and generosity. I hope I hear from you.


Elaine's appeal dismissed for lack of filing fee

Keith in RI wrote:

does this mean we had until april 16th to simply send a check for 455 and the browns would have had a new appeal?!?!?!?!?! if so i am PISSED!!!!!! it is from the docket from ed and elaines criminal trial.

click image to enlarge


Ed Brown Being Tranferred To Marion IL

Keith in RI wrote:

here is a BOP form ed sent to elaine who then forwarded it to me to post online. this is what ed was given as a reason for his transfer to illinois. how much more "monitoring" can he undergo if they wont allow him to use the phones for a year and steal all his mail. thats one hell of a system there. and remember it was the BOP that set up eds phone call with shaun kranish who called in as a lawyer. it wasnt ed that did that they came and got him and told him he had a call. what was he supposed to do hang up?! after not hearing from anyone for a month.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In Honor of Kent Snyder: The Man Behind Ron Paul

YouTube - In Honor of Kent Snyder: The Man Behind Ron Paul

According to Lew Rockwell, Kent was also, as Ron noted in an early speech (video) - see below - , the "instigator" and "coordinator" of what became the 2008 presidential campaign, and which Ron asked him to head.


RON PAUL 4409 -- Flake gets SERVED in the Liberty fight!

Allen Stevo's Presentation "In the Pursuit of Freedom"