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Manchester, NH: Ron Paul high schoolers swarm petitioner

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Cure For Ron Paul's Issues:

A Profound Plan For Freedom

From Bob Schulz

This message is for all people who support Ron Paul's message of Freedom and want to know what they can do as a "Freedom Keeper."

Listed just below are seven activities of the federal government that are un-constitutional.

With the exception of Ron Paul, all of this year's presidential candidates, past and present, would have us believe these activities are mere matters of public policy.

Ron Paul says "NO!" -- These are not matters of public policy, they are VIOLATIONS of the Constitution.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kicking the Dragon: Confessions of a Tax Heretic

"If you think there’s no such thing as a political prisoner in the United States, think again. Larken Rose spent a year in prison, not for hurting anyone, not for lying about anything, not for hiding anything, not for cheating or stealing, but simply for voicing an opinion which those in positions of power didn’t approve of."

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Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Press Release: ALAN JONES

Saturday, May 10, 2008

CNN Get's 861 Right

Ed Brown Extended Entries: "...For Once!

In the article here

in mentioning Actor Wesley Snipes :

8. Wesley Snipes
In 2006, the famous actor was indicted on conspiracy charges that alleged he falsified past tax returns. (He claimed he was due a refund of nearly $12 million.) The government alleges that Snipes claimed the refunds using the '861 argument,' which states not all income is taxable. They also accused him of failing to file tax returns from 1999 to 2004.
He went to court earlier this year and was acquitted of the major conspiracy charge, but the court found him guilty of the three lesser misdemeanor charges for failing to file his tax returns. He faces up to three years in prison and will be sentenced on April 24 of this year.

CNN Got it completely correct!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Congrats on the primary win B.J. Lawson!!!!! Now... PARTY!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Denver Post Deletes Comment Regarding Bob Schulz

As expected the Denver Post deleted the comment about Bob Schulz. Can't have these kids learning the truth.

A Sign of the Times

Man Leaves Comment About Bob Schulz At Denver Post Newspaper Online

The Denver Post gushed all over the Colorado High Shool students who placed first in the nation in the "Constitutional Scholars" competition. (What a joke.)

Somebody left a detailed comment about Bob Schulz including links to in response to the article asking these "Constitutional Scholars" to please respond in kind.

The Denver Post allowed the comment to go through and be posted on their website following the article. We'll see what kind of response we get if any.

Read article and see comment about Bob Schulz following the article here.

This was a front page headline at posted late Monday night 5/5/2008.

Monday, May 05, 2008




Long time Colorado attorney Declan Joseph O’Donnell reports that his clients’ $30 million judgment against the IRS doubled in value to $60 million (+++) on May 1, 2008. Judge Beghe of the U.S. Tax Court filed the Court’s long awaited decision. It solidified a broader base of beneficiary-clients and detailed the enormous fraud on that Court more precisely. Clients are air line pilot investors in the Kersting Project.

Robert Alan Jones, a well-known Colorado tax attorney with principal offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mr. O’Donnell’s associate, labeled this cogent 137-page decision as “seminal, sensational, and unprecedented.” The IRS lawyers and participating personnel were undressed in public, so to speak, by their own fraud on the Court, on the lead cases, (known as the Dixon group of cases with Messers Hartman, Lewis, and Liu leading this supplemental challenge), and fraud on all eighteen hundred taxpayers who relied on this lead case as honestly tried by IRS attorneys.

Mr. Jones and Mr. O’Donnell as lead counsel on this Hartman and Lewis T.C. Memo. 2008-124, (May1, 2008) teamed up to turn the tide for their clients and five hundred of Kersting investor-petitioners who previously settled and paid the full deficiencies to the IRS. They were excluded from the previous $30 million judgment registered in 2005 and reported nationally. The IRS claimed the fraud on the Court was procedural only and these investors should have known better when they settled, so they should have released or waived participation in these refund proceedings.

The U.S. Tax Court sided with the fully settled investors. The fraud on the Court of bribing witnesses with lucrative settlements before they testified, failing to advise the U.S. Tax Court of the settlements, and, believe it or not, subsequently attempting to hide the ball institutionally was deemed a structural defect that destroyed confidence in the court system, broke every rule in the book, and embarrassed the IRS and thousands of its dedicated honest workers.

Attorney Joe Alfred Izen of Houston, Texas, the lead counsel in earlier test case and appeals proceedings participated with O’Donnell and Jones in remand proceedings for the group of thirteen hundred (1300) investors. This specific May 1, 2008, decision to O’Donnell and Jones for their clients focused on previously excluded investors who had settled before the “fraud on the court” was recognized by the the Ninth Circuit in its landmark decision in 2003, Dixon V, .

Until this current decision, the IRS has refused to deal with settled investors who were also cheated by the IRS counsel fraud claiming finality of the settlements. by tax court rule. Kudoos are not only in order for Mr. Jones and Mr. O’Donnell. Our hats go off to United States Tax Court Judge Renato Beghe whose logic and wisdom is clear to all who read his opinion, but most importantly he has struck a devastating blow in favor of judicial integrity and protecting our court system and taxpayers from IRS abuse.

All objections by the IRS evaporated under Judge Beghe’s chronoligy, logic, and detail. Mr. Jones and Mr. O’Donnell are finally satisfied that this 19 year court struggle against overwhelming superior government resources is nearly over. The IRS was most recently represented by Mr. Henry O’Neill, trial attorney, Honolulu, Hawaii, IRS Regional Counsel’s Office. Mr. O’Neill does not comment on these cases.

Declan J. O'Donnell, Esq.
Declan Joseph O’Donnell
777 Fifth Street
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
Telephone: 303-688-1193

Robert Alan Jones, Esq.
R.A.J., Ltd. 1061 E. Flamingo Rd. #7
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Telephone: 702-791-3405


Freedom Shenanigan #29
Use The Miranda Civil Rights Camera Recorder
Document Your Arrest!

Ok you activists who still believe in going out in public without your masks on, and if you still believe that a mass protest accomplishes anything other than a field day for poLICE agents to gather names, pictures, facial recognition patterns, voice prints, DNA etc., THEN YOU NEED MIRANDA!

"Security for Civil Rights." By designer, Gabriel Lam via Core77. First impression of the project is a marriage of personal passion with elegant design sensibilities; the small unit is simply a cheap video recorder with some flash memory and a 3-axis accelerometer, ruggedized with a Santoprene boot and blessed with clean, utilitarian styling reminiscent of early Peter Saville. As a recorder and protector for political protesters, it's a solution whose appropriateness is immediately obvious.


Tax Court: IRS Attorneys Committed Fraud on the Court - Forums powered by Reason and Principle

In an extraordinary 137-page opinion issued yesterday, Hartman v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2008-124 (5/1/08), Tax Court Judge Beghe held that IRS attorneys committed fraud on the court in the Kersting tax shelter project which affected more than 1,300 cases:

Respondent, Kersting project petitioners, the opinionreading public, and the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit might well consider this opinion a surprising about-face from our opinion in Lewis v. Commissioner, T.C. Mem. 2005-205. We therefore indicate some of the considerations that have led to our change of position. ...

The observation of the Court of Appeals in Dixon V [316 F.3d 1041 (9th Cir. 2003)] that the misconduct of respondent’s attorneys violated the rights of all petitioner participants in the Kersting project to a fair trial of the test cases brought home to us more keenly than we had previously appreciated that our Lewis opinion would result in disparate treatment of those who have agreed to entry of stipulated decisions at various times along the way, as compared with those who have awaited the final outcome. We had a visceral reaction that our Lewis opinion violated some sense of distributive justice, whether derived from notions of equality or of fairness, and that the Dixon V opinion and mandate required a contrary result. Recognizing the incompatibility of the various formulations of distributive justice by political philosophers over the years, we mention those formulations as no more than intimations that we should reconsider our Lewis position in the light of our rereading of the Dixon V opinion. Those intimations have led us to reflect on the various situations of those Kersting project petitioners who were part of the test case proceedings and who agreed to entry of stipulated decisions at different times along the way after the test case proceedings began.

“Men must turn square corners when they deal with the Government.” ... “To say to these appellants, ‘The joke is on you. You shouldn’t have trusted us,’ is hardly worthy of our great Government.” To tell Kersting project petitioners they should not have trusted respondent to try the test cases honestly and fairly and the Tax Court to formulate an appropriate sanction when respondent failed to do so would be equally unworthy. ... “Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.” ...
Tax Court: IRS Attorneys Committed Fraud on the Court - Forums powered by Reason and Principle

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The Revolution Continues flier

email request from elaine brown

Keith from RI wrote:

the following email is from elaine. i also received a letter today from the dept of justice re: my f.o.i.a. request for all info re: ed brown. ed sent me the signed permission form to have ALL information, including personal stuff, to me. im trying to get any info on his supposed claim of torture while at the wyatt detention center. the letter was just to tell me that my request is going to take some time and to please be patient. ill keep everyone updated on how that plays out. joe sue tells me ed sent me a letter to me through her and he says me and her are on the visiting list but not you. i know you sent the form in so they must have stopped it. i think they know you will be the one to help the most... i sent ed about 5 blank visit forms to sign and send back and i was expecting them in his next letter. i received that today and he didnt include them. i dont know if they removed them or what?


I just spoke with the officer in charge of the mail room here. Ed claims he has not received a letter from me in a month, and he is very worried about me, plus
concerned about his lack of mail He did say he got letters from Keith and Joe, but not anything else. I hope people have not stopped writing to him. Anyway, the officer told me that no mail from here is being held. Ed wrote that he spoke with his warden,
who told him that the problem must be on this end. I don't think so. He also wrote that he refused his mail the other day, because the officer didn't address him
by his correct name. I have written him to stop doing that, that he can use that name and number without disobeyingGod's laws, because they are not him, they are and belong to his strawman. But if he isn't getting my mail, he isn't getting my messages. He has to stop being so stubborn, and pick his battles. The mail guy here told me that if he refuses mail, he will not be allowed to send mail out. So he is
accomplishing nothing.

I am going to write a complaint to the postmaster general in DC, and PLEASE everyone send him a mail blitz, and complaint to he postmaster in Fairton. Ed's mail must be allowed in and out. Would you or Keith write him also.




Dave Ridley - Illegal Puppet Show in Concord!