Monday, May 05, 2008

Freedom Shenanigan #29
Use The Miranda Civil Rights Camera Recorder
Document Your Arrest!

Ok you activists who still believe in going out in public without your masks on, and if you still believe that a mass protest accomplishes anything other than a field day for poLICE agents to gather names, pictures, facial recognition patterns, voice prints, DNA etc., THEN YOU NEED MIRANDA!

"Security for Civil Rights." By designer, Gabriel Lam via Core77. First impression of the project is a marriage of personal passion with elegant design sensibilities; the small unit is simply a cheap video recorder with some flash memory and a 3-axis accelerometer, ruggedized with a Santoprene boot and blessed with clean, utilitarian styling reminiscent of early Peter Saville. As a recorder and protector for political protesters, it's a solution whose appropriateness is immediately obvious.



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