Thursday, May 01, 2008

email request from elaine brown

Keith from RI wrote:

the following email is from elaine. i also received a letter today from the dept of justice re: my f.o.i.a. request for all info re: ed brown. ed sent me the signed permission form to have ALL information, including personal stuff, to me. im trying to get any info on his supposed claim of torture while at the wyatt detention center. the letter was just to tell me that my request is going to take some time and to please be patient. ill keep everyone updated on how that plays out. joe sue tells me ed sent me a letter to me through her and he says me and her are on the visiting list but not you. i know you sent the form in so they must have stopped it. i think they know you will be the one to help the most... i sent ed about 5 blank visit forms to sign and send back and i was expecting them in his next letter. i received that today and he didnt include them. i dont know if they removed them or what?


I just spoke with the officer in charge of the mail room here. Ed claims he has not received a letter from me in a month, and he is very worried about me, plus
concerned about his lack of mail He did say he got letters from Keith and Joe, but not anything else. I hope people have not stopped writing to him. Anyway, the officer told me that no mail from here is being held. Ed wrote that he spoke with his warden,
who told him that the problem must be on this end. I don't think so. He also wrote that he refused his mail the other day, because the officer didn't address him
by his correct name. I have written him to stop doing that, that he can use that name and number without disobeyingGod's laws, because they are not him, they are and belong to his strawman. But if he isn't getting my mail, he isn't getting my messages. He has to stop being so stubborn, and pick his battles. The mail guy here told me that if he refuses mail, he will not be allowed to send mail out. So he is
accomplishing nothing.

I am going to write a complaint to the postmaster general in DC, and PLEASE everyone send him a mail blitz, and complaint to he postmaster in Fairton. Ed's mail must be allowed in and out. Would you or Keith write him also.





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