Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Rules The World?

The following article and link to Newsweek verifies what many have been saying for years. There IS a global elite that believes that the world belongs to them as their own "planetation" and we are their property. What we need to consider, in the light of the history of what has and has not worked, is how to limit or rid the planet of these elitists. The French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and multiple African national revolutions pose a dire warning to upsetting even a rotting apple cart.

"The world can only be turned right side up by the conscious collective activity of those who construct a theory of why it is upside down. Spontaneous rebellion alone is not sufficient. Without adequate advance preparation, the old world will simply reappear after any rebellion, embedded as it is in the psyches of the fabled "people." An authentic revolution can only occur if there is a coherent and practical mass movement of self-conscious individuals in which all of the mystifications of the past are being consciously swept away as they fearlessly confront the realities of the use of force with or without physical violence in a defensive reaction to undo the authoritarian constructs of the few over the many." - Mit Etagniw

Shaping Conventional Wisdom

By Henry See

Newsweek ran an article recently about the elite that run the world. It is about the group of people the author calls the "Superclass" and who are:

"part of a new global elite that has emerged over the past several decades. I call it the 'superclass.' They have vastly more power than any other group on the planet. Each of the members is set apart by his ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide. Each actively exercises this power, and often amplifies it through the development of relationships with other superclass members. This new class of elites is both more permeable, and more transient, than elites of the past...

The top 10 percent of all people, for example, now control 85 percent of all wealth on the planet.

That such a group exists is indisputable. It includes the heads of the biggest financial institutions, the 14 families Blankfein joked about, and then some; the top 50 control almost $50 trillion in assets. The heads of the world's biggest corporations are also members; the top 2,000 support perhaps 500 million people, generate almost $30 trillion in sales and have well over $100 trillion in assets. The list also includes top government officials with real cross-border influence... media barons...religious leaders...cultural icons..."

The author goes on to describe the lifestyle "up there", looking down upon the rest of us peons from the leather seats of their private jets as they circle the globe entangling us in their machinations. No standing in line at airports and passing through humiliating security checks for these folks. No way. They just implement those rules to keep the rest of us in line.

It is a small group, and they all know one another.

Says Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Wall Street's Blackstone Group, "The world is pretty small. In almost every one of the areas in which I am dealing or in which we at Blackstone are looking at deals, you find it is just 20, 30 or 50 people worldwide who drive the industry or the sector."

They meet at places like Davos to "get to know one another, hatch deals and exercise perhaps the greatest power the superclass has collectively: to shape conventional wisdom."

Did you catch that phrase about shaping "conventional wisdom"? You know what that really means, right? Brainwashing. Telling us what to think. Shaping the insides of our heads by creating the invisible prison bars of thought that keep us prisoner while they scurry around robbing and plundering under our very noses.

They have it down to a well-oiled and highly perfected machine. They have conquered our minds, and once that has happened, there is precious little one can do until the mind has been reclaimed.



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