Monday, December 17, 2007


As of 11:14-15 am eastern time today:

1) $18,202,679 raised in the 4th quarter

2) 26,393 new donors this week alone

3) 119,940 total donors this quarter


a. Ron Paul's campaign was the beneficiary of a 28% increase in donors during the last week alone - ie. 119,940 - 26,393 = 93,547 and 26,393 is 28% of 93,547.

b. The average individual donation is $151 - ie. $18,202,679 / 119,940 = $151.76

c. With two full weeks left to the end of the year Ron Paul has already raised 52% more than his campaign's fundraising goal for the entire quarter - ie. $18,202,679 - $12,000,000 = $6,202,679 which is 52%+ of the $12 million goal.

Bottom Line: What we are witnessing here is a logarithmic growth rate that cannot - will not - be turned off/away/down. This is THE Tsunami wave of Freedom and Liberty which will lift ALL boats!!

Ask yourself: What other campaign is experiencing such a phenomenally high level of growth, activity and energy?? The answer is simple: NONE!!

Click here to do the math yourself.

PS. Please also note that Ron Paul's campaign is THE ONLY campaign that has TOTALLY opened it's fundraising system to the outside world thanks to a guy by the name of Adam Pence over at Huckabee is using this technology to a limited degree, but NONE of the other candidates dare to use it because it will prove in the first day/week that they have ZERO/NO grassroots support which they are too afraid to admit. PERIOD!!



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