Monday, December 17, 2007

Paul vs the Darkside

RebelRevolution78 deserves the credit for this line. To me, it's brilliant. There is Ron Paul, and then everybody else: the Darkside.

There is a palpable good-evil, dark-light aspect to this campaign. It's basically Ron Paul vs Everybody Else. The Bearer of Light vs the Darkside.

Paul brings peace, freedom, prosperity, self-reliance and a restoration to the Constitution and its values. There is light surrounding him and his campaign.

The Darkside brings more war, taxation, empire building and the trampling of freedom and rights. There is darkness here, despite the smiling faces and clever quips.

In our conversations with others, using "the Darkside" to describe the other candidates is a fine summary in one word.

Hillary Clinton? She's with the Darkside.
Rudy Giuliani? He's with the Darkside too.

Ron Paul is the light-bearer; that is why we have seen so many miracles in this campaign.

Hat Tip To ZenPiper over at

Ron Paul - '300' Parody



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