Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ed and Elaine Brown Photo Protest

here is the petition:


my name is Keith champagne. i am currently working
with several people, including David hatch-bernier
Elaine browns son, to help secure a lawyer and funding
for the defense of ed and Elaine brown. as most of you
know they are currently in federal prison locked away
from society for the next 5 years because they dared
to ask the government to show them the law that makes
them liable for the income tax.

we believe we have found both lawyers to help ed and
elaine and a way to fund their defense. that brings me
to the point of this email. we are asking people, many
of you who have already signed the quest for a fair
trial petition, to do one more thing for us. we want
as many people as possible (there are currently 1800
signatures on the petition, that would be nice) to
take a photo of themselves holding a small sign that
says something like " give ed and elaine a fair trial"
or " the browns trial was a sham" or something along
those lines. we would like to start distributing this
petition to politicians etc and we would really like
to compile as many photos as possible (putting faces
to the names) of brown supporters and give these
photos with messages of support right in the pictures
to keith olbermann and lou dobbs. we would hope that
by handing these two gentleman 1800 pictures of
supporters as opposed to a list of 1800 names they
would understand the dramatic nature of this case and
it would give it a personal touch that may lead to
some coverage! both keith olbermann and lou dobbs
represent our best hope of gaining national media
attention for the browns.

we hope we can get as many supporters as possible to
do this and if you do we ask that beside the photo of
yourself you also include your name and city and
state. we do not need any more info than that. but we
would like to put the info onto each photo, either
first name or last or both. you can take a picture of
yourself alone, with your family, with your pets, as a
group of people, with your children as long as in the
picture you have a visible sign supporting the browns
and/or calling for a new trial.

keith olbermann has been on a roll lately and we
would really like to see him do a story on the
injustice the browns received from this government and
we feel this represents our best chance to get that.

to help us with this please email your photos to my
email address at or to this
myspace account at and thank you
in advance!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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