Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Elaine's Affidavit on Events of Their Kidnapping

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Ed and I were captured in the evening of Thursday October 4th 2007, after making our stand in our home since January.

The previous weekend, Dutch/Dan was introduced to us by one of our trusted friends and supporters. He and Dutch/Dan arrived unexpectedly at our home very late one night, around midnight as I recall. Dutch/Dan had been working his way into the confidence of our friend for some time, professing to be a supporter and sympathizer of us and our cause.

Dutch/Dan stayed with us for a day or so, offering to aid us in any way. He claimed to be a bounty hunter, living in New York someplace. I do not recall if he said exactly where. He asked to have some broken fillings replaced, which I did, and for which he paid me (which of course was then confiscated). When I told him I wanted to get the rest of my dental supplies from my dental office, he offered to get them for me. He went back and forth to New York a couple of times during the week, so he said, getting in touch with some associates to assist him in getting the supplies. He scouted out the office to see what kind of security was there. Again so he said.

I had asked him why he would take such a risk for someone he didn’t even know his answer was "because I love you guys"

I remember those exact words

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