Wednesday, December 12, 2007

News About Elaine From "Keith" From Rhode Island

"Keith" came on today's show on RBN to share an update about information regarding an attempt to contact a lawyer who can help/assist Elaine and Ed. They have contacted two lawyers who have finally contacted the prison where Ed is located. It's going to take time to set up mail and phone access with the two lawyers who are involved.

Keith is on an email contact list directly with Elaine. Elaine's prison is a minimum security facility which allows her to go outside anytime. Money is very important. Magazine subscriptions are accepted. Hardcover books can be sent only directly from a hardcover distributor-manufacturer. Email access costs Elaine 5 cents per minute so even a $1 dollar donation is worth 20 minutes of email access time which is a godsend.

Keith attended the July 14th concert at the Browns home where he met Danny Riley, Ed, Elaine and others. He lives 1/4 mile away from the Wyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island which is where Ed was detained days, tortured and gassed - Elaine was actually arrived at this same facility before Ed arrived and remained there for a few days, too. Elaine found is very ironic that she was first detained at this facility for it was/is located in the town where she was born - Central Falls Rhode Island. This information really struck a nerve with Keith that was very close to home. He stepped up from there to help out.

Ed was recently moved form Elkton Ohio to a facility in Oklahoma City. This was done, but the words that came from Ed via a letter to Elaine seemed to indicate that the Federal Marshals told the prison officials in Ohio that Ed should be labeled "militia" - ie. a threat - who could potentially "influence" other prisoners to support his "cause" etc. Elaine may face the same transfer in the near future.

Elaine had a broken hand prior to her arrest but, according to Elaine, the prisons officials have done nothing to assist/help/treat this injury.

Elaine attempted to file an injunction to stop the seizure of their properties in the Plainfield NH area, including the office building, home, land and property which is still remains in a trust.



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